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Arrow Chemtrails on a Tuesday UK afternoon

Tuesday is a day of the week occurring after Monday and before Wednesday. According to some commonly used calendars (esp. in the US), it is the third day of the week.. According to international standard ISO 8601, however, it is the second day of the week. The English name is derived from Old English Tiwesdæg and Middle English Tewesday, meaning "Tīw's Day", the day of Tiw or Týr, the god of single combat, victory and heroic glory in Norse mythology...
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HUmA-n trafficking is the trade of HUman beings.. It has been P erpetrated mainly for the purposes of Sexual Slavery or forced labour; O-ther P urposes include XTraction of O-rgans or Tissues and EVEn SurrogaCy and O-va remO-val...

RAF Feltwell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fact 13 hours... 51 is a military base, and a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base...

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