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Lightbulb Mr RipLey

Tom Ripley is a young sociopath struggling to make a living in 1950s New York City using his "talents"—forgery, lying and impersonation. While working at a party, he is approached by the wealthy shipbuilder Herbert Greenleaf, who believes that Ripley went to Princeton with his son, Dickie. Greenleaf recruits Ripley to travel to Italy to persuade Dickie to return home to the United States, for which he will pay Ripley $1,000. Ripley accepts the proposal, although he did not attend Princeton and has never even met Dickie..Shortly after his arrival in Italy, Ripley concocts an accidental meeting on the beach with Dickie and his fiancée, Marge Sherwood, and quickly insinuates himself into their lives under the pretext of being a fellow jazz lover. On one of their jaunts, Dickie and Ripley meet Dickie's friend Freddie Miles, who treats Ripley with barely concealed contempt..A local girl, whom Dickie had made pregnant, drowns herself when he refuses to help her financially. Ripley secretly witnesses their final encounter. Dickie begins to tire of Ripley, resenting his constant presence and suffocating dependence.. Ripley's own feelings are complicated by his desire to maintain the opulent lifestyle Dickie has afforded him, and by his growing sexual obsession with his new friend..As a gesture to Ripley, Dickie invites Ripley to sail with him for a last trip to San Remo..Alfred Nobel bought a villa in Sanremo in 1891 and died there in 1896..Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar, Shah of Persia from 1907 to 1909, died in Sanremo on April 5, 1925..He bombarded the Majles (Persian parliament) with the military and political support of Russia and Britain..Mehmed VI, the last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, died in Sanremo on May 16, 1926..The writer Tobias Smollett stayed a few days in Sanremo in 1765 and described it thus: "St. Remo is a pretty considerable town, well-built upon the declivity of a gently rolling hill...There is very little plain ground in this neighbourhood; but the gentle hills are covered with oranges, lemons, pomegranates and olives..The women of St. Remo are much more handsome and better tempered than those of Provence." Travels through France and Italy (1766)..The Sanremo conference, 19–26 April 1920, of the post-World War I Allied Supreme Council determined the allocation of Class "A" League of Nations mandates for administration of the former Ottoman-ruled lands of the Middle East by the victorious phowers.. The most notable of these was the British Mandate of Palestine...

Sanremo or San Remo (Sanrœmu in Ligurian) is a city with about 57,000 inhabitants on the Mediterranean coast of western Liguria in north-western Italy.. Founded in Roman times, the city is best known as a tourist destination on the Italian Riviera.. It hosts numerous cultural events, such as the Sanremo Music Festival and the Milan – San Remo cycling classic. The city is widely accepted as the origin of the 5-card stud variant telesina..5-card stud is the earliest form of the card game stud poker, originating during the American Civil War,but is less commonly played today than many other more popular poker games..The name of the city is a phonetic contraction of Sant'Eremo di San Romolo, which refers to Romulus of Genoa, the successor to Syrus of Genoa. It is often stated in modern folk stories that Sanremo is a translation of "Saint Remo", a deceased Saint ..The famous local football club is the A.S.D. Sanremese that has played also in Serie B and in Serie C..Italian-American mobster friend of Jimmy Burke, "Remo", whose name was derived from the city..James Burke, also known as Jimmy the Gent, and The Irishman (July 5, 1931 – April 13, 1996), was anAmerican gangster and Lucchese crime family associate who is believed to have organized the Lufthansa heist in 1978 and also believed to have orchestrated the murder of (or murdered) many of those involved in the months following..Said Henry Hill, "He was a big guy and knew how to handle himself. He looked like a fighter. He had a broken nose and he had a lot of hands.. If there was just the littlest amount of trouble, he'd be all over you in a second. He'd grab a guy's tie and slam his chin into the table before the guy knew he was in a war. ... Jimmy had a reputation for being wild. He'd whack you"..Henry Hill claimed the bar was also Burke's private cemetery, and over a dozen people were buried in and out of Robert's Lounge..Jimmy's crew were responsible for a large number of murders. Henry Hill said in an interview "60-70 murders that I know of, there have been more"..Burke frequently liked to lock his victims, notably the young children of his victims, in refrigerators. When Burke had a problem collecting money he was owed, and the unfortunate debtor had children, he would pick the child up in his huge arm, open the refrigerator with the other, and say, "If you don't do whatcha supposed to, I'm gonna lock your kid inside the fuckin' refrigerator"..The culinary specialties of Sanremo and environs include Sardenara, Focaccia, Focaccia alle Cipolle, Torta Verde, Farinata and Tallesca olives...'m ready to communicate with you now..I would like some wine in a glass, not like it in a mug, I would not like it in a jug...You want me to get that?..If you don't mind...
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