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Lightbulb Setting Sons

Setting Sons is the 4th studio LP by British band The Jam.. The group's critical and commercial favour, begun with their third album, All Mod Cons, continued through this album. "The Eton Rifles" became the group's first top 10 UK hit, peaking at No. 3..In contrast to its pop-oriented predecessor, this LPea features a much harder, tougher production..Length 32:31...

Recorded 15 August – 10 October , Released 17 November 1979
10 August–23 October - The entire ITV network in the UK is shut down by a technicians' strike
2 September - Police discover a woman's body in an alleyway near Bradford city centre. The woman, 20-year-old student Barbara Leach, is believed to be the 12th victim of the mysterious Yorkshire Ripper mass murderer
11 October - Godfrey Hounsfield wins the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine jointly with Allan McLeod Cormack "for the development of computer assisted tomography"
Undated: Statistics show a 2.3% contraction in the economy for the 3rd quarter of the year, sparking fresh fears of another recession
5 November - The 2 men accused of murdering Lord Mountbatten and 3 others go on trial in Dublin.
9- 4 men are found guilty over the killing of paperboy Carl Bridgewater, who was shot dead at a farmhouse in the Staffordshire countryside 14 months ago. James Robinson and Vincent Hickey receive life sentences with a recommended minimum of 25 years for murder, Michael Hickey (also guilty of murder) receives an indefinite custodial sentence, while Patrick Molloy is guilty of manslaughter and jailed for 12 years.
11 - Last episode of first series of sitcom To the Manor Born on BBC1 TV receives 23.95 million viewers, the all-time highest figure for a recorded programme in the UK..
15 - Art historian and former Surveyor of the Queen's Pictures Anthony Blunt's role as the "4th man" of the 'Cambridge 5' double agents for the Soviet NKVD during World War II is revealed by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the House of Commons; she gives further details on 21 November
23 - In Dublin, Ireland, Irish Republican Army member Thomas McMahon is sentenced to life in prison for the assassination of Lord Mountbatten... mind," he said, "rebels at stagnation.. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most Abstruse cryptogram or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my own proper atmosphere.. I can dispense then with artificial stimulants... I crave for Mental Exaltation.. That is why I have chosen my own Particular profession...

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