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Red Troop is called to a siege at a religious commune where Gulf War veteran Omega is holed up with his disciples after shooting dead 2 police officers..The French word commune appeared in the 12th century, from Medieval Latin communia, meaning a large gathering of people sharing a common life; from Latin communis, things held in common..TFI initially spread a message of salvation, apocalypticism, and spiritual "revolution" against the outside world, which the members called "the System". In 1976, it began a method of evangelism called Flirty Fishing, using sex to "show God's love" and win converts, resulting in controversy..Members of the Children of G founded communes, first called "colonies" (now referred to as "homes") in various cities..Modern civilization is largely devoted to the pursuit of the cult of delusion..They would proselytize in the streets and distribute pamphlets..The Family of Love era was characterized by expansion into more countries. Regular proselytizer methods included door-to-door distributing tracts and other gospel literature, and organized classes on various aspects of Christian life, with heavy use of TFI-created music...
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People of God is a description that in the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible applies to the Israelites and that the New Testament applies to Christians..Mary Ann Clouting was born in Little Glemham, Suffolk in 1827. She married George Stanton Girling and they had 2 children.. Sometime around 1858, Girling received a vision from Jesus Christ in her Ipswich bedroom.. She apparently received a 2nd vision in 1864 informing her that the 2nd coming was at hand.. Girling left her husband and children, and travelled around the villages and towns of Suffolk preaching her mission.. Within 18 months "Girlingism" had 50 adherents.. This ecstatic, esoteric sect claimed that they died with conversion, and were then reborn to eternal life.In 1871, having been persecuted and threatened in Suffolk, Girling went to London.. She initially fell in with the Peculiar People of Plumstead and preached to them there..Attacked by hostile mobs in London, Girling announced to her followers in 1872 that they were going to move to Hordle in the New Forest in Hampshire..They proceeded to farm the land, but Girling forbade the sect to sell either their produce or their labour.. The mortgage remained unpaid and on a bitterly cold night of December 1874, in the rain, sleet and snow, 60 women, 35 men and 45 children were evicted.. All the furniture was left along a half mile stretch of the road.. It included 3 pianos, 77 beds, boxes of eggs, butter and vegetables valued at about £1,000 and worthless by the end of the night...They were aided by the political philosopher Auberon Herbert, who gave them temporary shelter on his estate in nearby Ashley.. Other prominent sympathisers of their plight included liberal politician William Cowper, and local eccentric and spiritualist Andrew Peterson.. By February 1875, they had returned to Hordle, camping in a field near New Forest Lodge.. They were evicted in 1878, but a local landowner gave them a field in nearby Tiptoe where they set up camp..Harijan (Hindustani: हरिजन (Devanagari), ہریجن (Nastaleeq); translation: "Child of Hari/Vishnu") is a term popularized by Mohandas Gandhi for referring to Dalits, traditionally considered to be untouchable..Divine Filiation is the Christian doctrine that Jesus Christ is the only-begotten Son of God by nature, and when Christians are redeemed by Jesus they become sons (and daughters) of God by adoption. Because of its Biblical roots this doctrine is held by most Christians, but the phrase "Divine Filiation" is used primarily by Catholics. This doctrine is also referred to as Divine Sonship... mind in its natural state can be compared to the sky, covered by layers of cloud which hide its true nature..We must make good use of this life for the time that we have left, This brief flash of light, like the sun appearing through the clouds..Like a robe wears out over time and turns to rags, life wears out from day to day, from second to second...
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