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Lightbulb Spooks

David Ash , an American professor, has entered into the field of parapsychology and has spent a majority of his life disproving the existence of ghosts... He was motivated by the untimely death of his twin sister, Juliet, for which he blames himself.. In 1928, he receives an invitation from the Mariell family to investigate the alleged hauntings at their home, Edbrook House. At the train station, he is met and is immediately smitten by the beautiful Christina Mariell , who informs him that she and her brothers actually hired him to try to calm the fears of their ageing nanny..Christina believes that due to her declining mental health since their mother's death, Nanny Tess has convinced herself that Mrs. Mariell's ghost returns every evening to haunt Edbrook House..As David begins his investigations, he becomes aware of a presence in the house which goes against everything he believes.. This strengthens his determination to expose the paranormal activities as nothing more than a hoax perpetrated by younger brother Simon .. His initial ideas regarding the afterlife are shaken after increasingly vivid visions of his dead sister Juliet, freely prowling the halls and grounds of Edbrook. Unable to sleep from the strange nightly disturbance, David begins to hallucinate, causing him to start questioning the state of his own sanity and to seek the aid of Dr. Doyle , the local psychiatrist..Further complicating the investigation is Christina's continuous flirtation with David, a distraction he gladly welcomes. However, older brother Robert is adamantly against their friendship, and is revealed as having an incestuous relationship with Christina. When David decides to finally leave Edbrook, he asks Christina to come away with him. Although she refuses, they engage in a passionate kiss and end up in bed together. In the morning when David wakes, the wind is gusting through the house, which is now cloaked in black drapes and littered with fallen leaves. He searches for Christina but instead sees his twin sister's ghost, who leads David to a cemetery. Juliet calls his attention to a specific tombstone which states that Robert, Christina and Simon Mariell all died in a fire at Edbrook in 1923..Released 27 October 1995 (UK)...

September 23 – Argentine national Guillermo "Bill" Gaede is arrested in Phoenix, Arizona on charges of industrial espionage. His sales to Cuba, China, North Korea and Iran are believed to have involved Intel and AMD trade secrets worth US$10–20 million\24 - Emillio & Gloria Estefan's boat hits & kills a jet skiier - Annika Sorenstam wins LPGA GHP HeartLand Golf Classic-Volcano Mount Ruapehu (North Island, NZ) erupts/27 – Bob Denard's mercenaries capture President Said Mohammed Djohor of the Comoros; the local army does not resist\October 24 – A total solar eclipse is visible from Iran, India, Thailand, and Southeast Asia/28- "Batman Forever" released Czech Republic- Singer Bobby Brown escapes injury in Gun Battle\ 25 – A Metra commuter train slams into a school bus in Fox River Grove, Illinois, killing se7en students/26 – An avalanche hits the village Flateyri in Iceland, killing 20 people - Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Mossad agents assassinate Islamic Jihad leader Fathi Shikaki in his hotel in Malta\28 – A fire in Baku Metro, Azerbaijan, kills 289 passengers (the world's worst subway disaster)... Webb, I have been to hundreds of houses, countless seances, and I have never yet seen Something that can't be explained in rational terms..And if you just give me a few simple details, I intend to prove to you that there's nothing in Edbrook House to be afraid of..I'm Casper, the friendliest ghost in town...

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