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Lightbulb ER

Released June 23, 1984..To start the clip, Waite is sitting in a chair, and after seeing a picture of a woman with whom he is still in love, he, frustrated, hits the lamp above him causing it to swing back and forth and begins to sing the song. When he opens his bedroom door, a woman playfully jumps into his arms and they embrace falling back onto the bed. Later, Waite watches through a crack in the door as the woman angrily throws her clothes into her suitcase. She pushes through the door to leave him and it hits him in the face full force as she storms past him, away.. Pained at her emotional and physical assault, he sadly remembers being at one of her photo shoots. Trying to be cool, Waite leans on a lighting stand but misses and stumbles. Seeing this, she lovingly laughs at his fumbling. Back to the present, Waite tries to call her from a phone booth, but when the woman finally picks up the phone, her only connection is to a dangling phone in an empty phone booth.. Waite is gone. He laments about I ain't missin' you at all as he walks down the city street only to see a picture of the woman on a newspaper. He goes into a bar. There, an older woman slides onto the stool next to him and tries to flirt with him, but for sheer sorrow shows he is not interested and then goes home again still pining for the woman. He tries again to call her but his anger and frustration gets the better of him and he smashes the phone into pieces.. When she finally comes to his door and knocks, he doesn't answer, as he doesn't hear her knock over the music playing on his earphones he had put on just before her first knock. She leans against the door gently touching it and, with a deep breath, she turns and leaves as tears flow...B-side "For Your Love"...

22 — The inaugural flight of the first Virgin Atlantic plane takes place-The official name of the Turkish city Urfa is changed into Şanlıurfa often simply known as Urfa in daily language (Arabic الرها Ar-Ruhā, Armenian Ուռհա Uṙha, Kurdish Riha, Syriac ܐܘܪܗ Urhoy), in ancient times Edessa (Έδεσσα in Greek), is a city with 482,323 inhabitants in south-eastern Turkey, and the capital of Şanlıurfa Province.. It is a city with primary Kurdish and Arabic population. Urfa is situated on a plain about 80 kilometres East of the Euphrates River.. A spicy variety was briefly manufactured, but was not as popular as the original versions, and is now in short supply... Urfa's climate features extremely hot, dry summers and cool, moist winters/27 – France beats Spain 2–0 to win the Euro 84\Randolph Fields, an American-born lawyer, and Alan Hellary, a former chief pilot for Laker Airways, set up British Atlantic Airways as a successor to Laker Airways.. Fields had the idea for an airline that operates between London and the Falkland Islands in June 1982, when the Falklands War had just finished..However, the short runway at Port Stanley Airport and the time it would take to improve it made the scheme unviable, so the idea of the Falklands service was dropped. Instead, Hellary and Fields tried to secure a licence from Gatwick Airport to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City..Branson sold his prized Virgin Records in 1992 to EMI to raise capital to shore up Virgin Atlantic's position. In the year to October 1993, Virgin Atlantic declared a loss of £9.3m..On 31 October 2005, Virgin Atlantic operated a humanitarian aid charter flight to Islamabad, Pakistan, with 55 tonnes of aid for the people affected by the 2005 Kashmir EQ.. (18th Deadliest EQ of all time)..100,000 dead..138,000 injured 3.5 million displaced... life's work has been to prompt others and be forgotten.. Remember that night when Christian came to your balcony?.While I was below in the shadows, others climbed up to kiss the sweet rose..Happy he..who far from court and city.. Ah, how good..breathes the essence of the vernal wood, And who, when the breeze sings melodies...

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