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Arrow Man From The Southern Levant

In this story, an elderly man named Carlos offers a boastful American young man his Green Cadillac (Alfred Hitchcock's version does not mention Brand of Car, just a "convertible") if the boy can strike his lighter 10 times in a row.. The catch is that if the lighter does not light 10 times in a row, Carlos will cut off the American's left little finger.. After the 8th striking of the lighter, a woman comes in the room and throws Carlos to the bed, claiming that he is mentally disturbed.. He has taken 47 fingers from various people and has lost 11 cars and they had to leave their country because they threatened to put Carlos away for life for this behavior.. She had won everything Carlos owned long ago, including the car, and as she Reaches for the car keys, the narrator sees her hand has only one finger and a thumb..

The Kingdom of Judah (Hebrew: מַמְלֶכֶת יְהוּדָה‎, Mamlekhet Yehuda) was a state established in the Southern Levant during the Iron Age.. It is often referred to as the "Southern Kingdom" to distinguish it from the northern Kingdom of Israel..For the first sixty years, the kings of Judah tried to re-establish their authority over the northern kingdom, and there was perpetual war between them. Israel and Judah were in a state of war throughout Rehoboam's seventeen-year reign. Rehoboam built elaborate defenses and strongholds, along with fortified cities. In the fifth year of Rehoboam's reign Pharaoh Shishaq of Egypt, brought a huge army and took many cities.. When they laid siege to Jerusalem, Rehoboam gave them all of the treasures out of the temple as a tribute and Judah became a vassal state of Egypt. Rehoboam's son and successor, Abijah continued his father's efforts to bring Israel under his control.. He waged a Major Battle against Jeroboam of Israel and was victorious with a heavy loss of life on the Israel side. According to the book of Chronicles, Abijah and his people defeated them with a great slaughter, so that 500,000 chosen men of Israel fell slain after which Jeroboam posed little threat to Judah for the rest of his reign and the border of the Tribe of Benjamin was restored to the original tribal border..Rehoboam Birthplace The Woodlands, Jerusalem..Consort 18 wives, including Maacah, daughter of Absalom, David's son, and 60 concubines..Issue 28 sons and 60 daughters..Mother Naamah the Ammonite..According to the biblical account, Ammon and Moab were born to Lot and Lot's younger and elder daughters, respectively, in the aftermath of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Bible refers to both the Ammonites and Moabites as the "children of Lot"... remember this Anna, there are no walls, no bolts, no locks that anyone can put on your mind..Our blessed radio.. It gives us eyes and ears out into the world.. We listen to the German station only for good music.. And we listen to the BBC for hope..You know the most wonderful part of thinking yourself outside.. You can have it any way you like.. You can have rows of roses and violets all blooming in the same season, isn't that wonderful!..

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