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Lightbulb Bakasana

Bakāsana ( Crane Pose), often used interchangeably with Kakasana (Sanskrit: Crow Pose) is an asana.. In all variations, Crane/Crow is an arm balancing asana in which hands are planted on the floor, shins rest upon upper arms, and feet lift up..The 2 names for the asana come from the Sanskrit words baka or kak , and asana meaning "posture" or "seat"..This asana is considered an arm balance.. According to B.K.S. Iyengar there are 2 techniques for entering into this balance.. The simple method of achieving it is by pushing up from a crouching position.. The advanced Method is to drop down from a head stand..The asana strengthens the shoulders, arms, wrists and hands, as well as the core muscles and organs of the abdomen..Related hand balances include Astavakrasana (8-Crooks Pose) and Titibasana (Firefly Pose)...

Sirius, known in ancient Egypt as Sopdet (Greek: Σῶθις = Sothis), is recorded in the earliest astronomical records. During the era of the Middle Kingdom, Egyptians based their calendar on the heliacal rising of Sirius, namely the day it becomes visible just before sunrise after moving far enough away from the glare of the Sun. This occurred just before the annual flooding of the Nile and the summer solstice,after a 70-day absence from the skies..The hieroglyph for Sothis features a star and a triangle. Sothis was identified with the great goddess Isis, who formed a part of a Triad with her husband Osiris and their son Horus, while the 70-day period symbolised the passing of Isis and Osiris through the duat (Egyptian underworld)..The ancient Greeks observed that the appearance of Sirius heralded the hot and dry summer, and feared that it caused plants to wilt, men to weaken, and women to become aroused..Marina(from Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, "coast" or "shore") and Patty made haste to the kitchen..Due to its brightness, Sirius would have been noted to twinkle more in the unsettled weather conditions of early summer.. To Greek observers, this signified certain emanations which caused its malignant influence. Anyone suffering its effects was said to be astroboletos (ἀστροβόλητος) or "star-struck". It was described as "burning" or "flaming" in literature.. The Romans celebrated the heliacal setting of Sirius around April 25..T he other 5 are class M and K stars, such as Arcturus and Betelgeuse.. There are a total of 151 full-time channels on Sirius, 130 of Which are on Sirius Canada... is a time of great decision..There's no avoiding this conclusion..Our town is turning into Puckey Poo..What in the Wide World of Sports is a-going on here...

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