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Arrow Loves of Pharaoh

Pharaoh Amenes receives glad tidings: King Samlak of Ethiopia proposes an alliance, to be cemented by the marriage of Amenes to Samlak's daughter, Makeda. Sothis, Amenes's master builder, reports there has been an accident at the construction site of the treasury and begs for more time for his workers' sake, but Amenes is unmoved..As Samlak and Makeda trek to Amenes, Ramphis, the son of Sothis, spots Makeda's despised Greek slave, Theonis.. Entranced, he takes her home with him.. When Ramphis tries to kiss Theonis, she playfully runs away toward the treasury, unaware that the penalty to approach the place is death.. Ramphis chases after her, but they are caught and brought before Amenes..Pharaoh sentences them both to be executed at dawn. Theonis throws herself at his feet and begs him to spare Ramphis, as it was all her fault.. Amenes immediately falls under her spell..The Russian footage lasted only 55 minutes and was missing all the scenes dealing with love and emotion... feel like a state within the State..We shall be using strong means; resistance is useless!.We have ringed the house!..Come and get me!...
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