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The Galilean moons are the 4 moons of Jupiter discovered by Galileo Galilei around January 1610. They are by far the largest of the moons of Jupiter and derive their names from the lovers of Zeus: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.. They are among the most massive objects in the Solar System outside the Sun and the 8 planets, with radii larger than any of the dwarf planets. The three inner moons – Ganymede, Europa, and Io – participate in a 1:2:4 orbital resonance..The 4 moons were discovered in either 1609 or 1610 when Galileo made improvements to his telescope, which enabled him to observe celestial bodies more distinctly than had ever been possible before.. Galileo's discovery showed the importance of the telescope as a tool for astronomers by proving that there were objects in space that cannot be seen by the naked eye. More importantly, the incontrovertible discovery of celestial bodies orbiting something other than Earth dealt a serious blow to the then-accepted Ptolemaic world system, or the geocentric theory in which everything orbits around Earth..On January 7, 1610, Galileo wrote a letter containing the first mention of Jupiter’s moons. At the time, he saw only three of them, and he believed them to be fixed stars near Jupiter. He continued to observe these celestial orbs from January 8 to March 2, 1610. In these observations, he discovered a 4th body, and also observed that the 4 were not fixed stars, but rather Were orbiting Jupiter...

Ganymede, the 3rd Galilean moon is named after the mythological Ganymede, cupbearer of the Greek gods and Zeus's beloved.. Ganymede is the largest natural satellite in the Solar System at 5262.4 kilometers in diameter, which makes it larger than the planet Mercury - although only at about half of its mass since Ganymede is an icy world.. It is the only satellite in the Solar System known to possess a magnetosphere, likely created through convection within the liquid iron core..Callisto is the 4th and last Galilean moon, and is the 2nd largest of the 4, and at 4820.6 kilometers in diameter, it is the 3rd largest moon in the Solar System. Callisto was a daughter of the Arkadian King Lykaon and a hunting companion of the goddess Artemis. It does not form part of the orbital resonance that affects three inner Galilean satellites and thus does not experience appreciable tidal heating.. Callisto is composed of approximately equal amounts of rock and ices, which makes it the least dense of the Galilean moons. It is one of the most heavily cratered satellites in the solar system, and 1 major feature is a basin around 3000 km wide called Valhalla is the largest multi-ring impact crater on Jupiter's moon Callisto and in the Solar System.. It is named after Valhalla, the God Odin's hall in Norse mythology where warriors are taken after darth..Adlinda is the third-largest multiring structure (impact crater) on Jupiter's moon Callisto, measuring ~ 1000 Km in diameter.. It is situated in the southern hemisphere of Callisto.. The name is
taken from Inuit mythology...

Another scene that is much discussed is the visit to the "Trade Post of the White Man." In this scene, Nanook and his family arrive in a kayak at the trading post and one family member after another emerge from a small kayak, akin to a clown car at the circus.. Going to trade his hunt from the year, including foxes, seals and polar bears, Nanook comes in contact with the white man and there is a funny interaction as the two cultures meet. The trader plays music on a gramophone and tries to explain how a man 'cans' his voice. Bending forward and staring at the machine, Nanook puts his ear closer as the trader cranks the mechanism again.. The trader removes the record and hands it to Nanook who at first peers at it and then puts it in his mouth and bites it.. The scene is meant to be a comical one as the audience laughs at the naivete of Nanook and people isolated from Western culture. In truth, the scene was entirely scripted and Nanook knew what a gramophone was... have passed and the Almighty of medieval times no longer sits in his 10th sphere..Is there an obvious difference between the sorceress and her customer then and now...

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