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Lightbulb Delphic Sibyl

There were several prophetic female figures called Sibyls and male figures called Bakis (Greek spelling; Vakis) in the Graeco-Roman world. The most famous Sibyl was located at Cumae and the most famous Bakis at Boeotia.. There are a number of legends about the Delphic Sibyl, though they are not necessarily all consistent. One claim is that her last prophecy was said to be the birth of Jesus Christ.. Pausanias claimed (10.14.1) that the Sibyl was "born between man and goddess, daughter of sea monsters and an immortal nymph".. Others said she was the sister or daughter of Apollo..THE soul of Orpheus had passed like a divine meteor across the troubled heavens of a new-born Greece. When the meteor had disappeared, the land was again wrapt in darkness. After a series of revolutions, the tyrants of Thrace committed his books to the flames, overthrew his temples and drove away his disciples.. The Greek kings and numerous cities followed this example, more jealous of their unbridled licence than of that justice which is the source of pure doctrine. They were determined to efface his very memory, to leave no sign of his existence, and they succeeded so well, that, a few centuries after his death, a portion of Greece even doubted whether he had ever lived. It was in vain that the initiates kept alive his tradition for over a thousand years; in vain that Pythagoras and Plato spoke of him as divine; the sophists and the rhetoricians saw in him no more than a legend regarding the origin of music...Mason is given the pseudonym "Sybil" by her therapist to protect her privacy.. Originally in treatment for social anxiety and memory loss, after extended therapy involving amobarbital and hypnosis interviews, Sybil manifests 16 personalities..Vajrayoginī is visualized as the translucent, deep red form of a 16 year old female with the 3rd eye of wisdom set Vertically on her forehead.. your easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it.. I'll be the grandest fellow in the easter parade..5th avenue... uh-ah, uh-ah..5th avenue..In accepting Peggy into her arms, Sybil began the deepest healing of her selves.. In embracing Peggy, she embraced herself.. In calming her, she was calming her own heart..As I watched her becoming mother to herself, I felt my own long motherhood ending. I released what I had held so long.. I celebrated the beginning of her emancipation.. I let go.. Our work together lasted 11 years.. Peggy,Repeat after me, the words of the Susama Ritual.. Oriel Seraphim...

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