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Gallagher is the anglicisation of the Irish surname Ó Gallchobhair (or two newer spelling forms: Ó Gallchóir and Ó Gallachóir,), these being masculine forms; the corresponding feminine forms are Ní Ghallchobhair (newer forms Ní Ghallchóir and Ní Ghallachóir), and means "foreign help" or "foreign helper". Apart from the aforementioned spelling there are at least 30 recorded variants including Gallacher, Gallager, Gallaher, Gallocher, Galliher, Gallaugher, Galagher, Galegher, Goligher, Golliher, and Gollaher..It is the most common surname in County Donegal (Dún na nGall means "fort of the foreigner") and the 14th most common by birth records in Ireland. In the United States, it was ranked by the 2000 U.S. Census as the 574th most common name out of over 80,000 surnames found.. According to Professor Edward MacLysaght, in the mid 20th century Gallagher was one of the most common Irish surnames, most of the recorded births being located in the north-west provinces of Ulster and Connacht, with the majority being recorded in the homeland of the sept - Co Donegal...

The Gallagher coat of arms displays a black lion rampant on a silver shield, treading on a green snake surrounded by 8 green trefoils. The correct heraldic description is "Field argent a lion rampant sable treading on a serpent in fess proper between 8 trefoils vert".. The crest which surmounts the helmet over the shield depicts a red crescent surrounding a green snake or, to give its heraldic definition, "A crescent gules out of the horns a serpent erect proper". The motto of the clan is in Latin Mea Gloria Fides ("The Faith is My Glory")...

Hey I had a dream this morning about Liam,until I was
awoken yet again from my sleep.., but we've localized it. Now I know where the Self is. It's in our own minds.. It's a form of human energy.. Our atoms are 6 billion years old.. We've got 6 billion years of memory in our minds...

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