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Huelgoat is popular with tourists and holidaymakers due to its impressive natural setting among the vestiges of the ancient forest that once covered inland Brittany.. Once part of royal and ducal lands, the forest is now overseen by the French forestry commission, the National Forests Office.. It has an area of 10 square kilometres.. A large replanting scheme has repaired much of the damage sustained by the forest in storms on the 15–16 October 1987, when 3.1 square kilometres of trees were levelled or damaged..Le Camp d'Artus, Arthur's Camp, a sea promontory hillfort based on a Gaulish oppidum, with a linear murus gallicus rampart..It was used as refuge by the Osisme Gauls against the Roman invasion in 57 BC And Later acquired a nickname referring to Arthurian legend... other symbols that the penis could be represented by were ‘balloons, flying-machines and most Recently by Zeppelin airships’ because they all shared the ‘remarkable characteristic of the male organ … to rise up in defiance of the laws of gravity’..The Same symbolic relation was expressed when the individual dreamt of flying: here, the phallus was treated ‘as the essence of the dreamer's whole person’ And the individual became one giant, flying, erection...

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