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Nephrops norvegicus, known variously as the Norway lobster, Dublin Bay prawn, langoustine (compare langostino) or scampi, is a slim, orange-pink lobster which grows up to 25 cm (10 in) long, and is "the most important commercial crustacean in Europe".. It is now the only extant species in the genus Nephrops, after several other species were moved to the closely related genus Metanephrops.. It lives in the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean, and parts of the Mediterranean Sea, but is absent from the Baltic Sea and Black Sea..Nephrops norvegicus has the typical body shape of a lobster, albeit narrower than the large Homarus species..Nephrops norvegicus is found in the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean and North Sea as far north as Iceland and northern Norway, and south to Portugal...Of the 2 pairs of antennae, the 2nd is the longer and thinner.. There is a long, spinous rostrum, and the compound eyes are kidney-shaped, providing the name of the genus, from the Greek roots νεφρός nephros and ops..As new genera were erected, the species was moved, reaching its current position in 1814, when William Elford Leach erected the genus Nephrops to hold this species alone.. Se7en fossil species have since been described in the genus..Down in the Sewer has 4 sections, also known as A sink-hole, sink, swallow hole, shakehole, swallet or doline, is a depression in the ground caused by some form of collapse of the surface layer...! I never thought I'd be so happy to be back in a sewer..I thought you'd drank your last Long Island Iced Tea there, Dan..She was half us, half something else...

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