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Lightbulb El

The bull was symbolic to El and his son Baʻal Hadad, and they both wore bull horns on their headdress.. He may have been a desert god at some point, as the myths say that he had 2 wives and built a sanctuary with them and his new children in the desert.. El had fathered many G's,but most important were Hadad, Yam, and Mot..Typical examples of motley crews are pirates, Western posses, rag-tag mercenary bands, and freedom fighters.. They may align with, include, or be (as a group) either the protagonist or the antagonist of the story...'s unusual.. He can kill anybody without regret.. Most of the poeple he killed never knew he was in the same room as them..They're coming for you..They've been coming for me for a long time, E.T..When the doctor hypnotized me, I was supposed to remember prowlers, or something, but in fact, I recall something else.. I sure do...
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