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"Terrapin" isis a song by Syd Barrett that appears as the first track off his first solo album The Madcap Laughs and is notably the sole representative from that album that appears on The Peel Session.. The song's arrangement is sparse, like much of the album, and features only acoustic and electric guitar accompaniment to the vocals.. This song, along with "Maisie in the evening light..." and "Bob Dylan Blues"; reflected Barrett's early interest in the blues.. Iggy the Eskimo, one of Barrett's acquaintances, had called the song "quite catchy"..The Syd Barrett Appreciation Society titled its official magazine Terrapin (published from 1972–1976), in tribute to the song.. It was released on the multi-artist Harvest compilation, Picnic – A Breath of Fresh Air.. IS your classmate, isn't she? ISN'T SHE? That is HER desk! And you're the biggest lyer of them all.. I am warning you, you tell me another and I'll arrest you myself.. That is a promise, MISS...
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