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Lightbulb HoneyMoon

Honeymoons in the modern sense (i.e. a pure holiday voyage undertaken by the married couple) became widespread during the Belle Époque, as one of the first instances of modern mass tourism..The term most likely comes from an old English tradition that dates from the Middle Ages.. Mead was drunk in great quantities at weddings, and after the ceremony nuptial couples were given a month’s supply of mead—sufficient for one full cycle of the moon.. It was believed that by faithfully drinking mead for that first month, the woman would “bear fruit” and a child would be born within the year.. Incidentally, raw honey has been shown in clinical studies to be a powerful fertility booster..There are many words of similar meaning in other languages. The French form translates as "moon of honey" (lune de miel), as do the Spanish (luna de miel), Nepali (Madhumas) Portuguese (lua de mel) and Italian (luna di miele) EQuivalents.. The Welsh word for honeymoon is mis mêl, which means "honey month", and similarly the Ukrainian (медовий місяць), Polish (miesiąc miodowy), Russian (медовый месяц), Arabic (شهر العسل shahr el 'assal), Greek (μήνας του μέλιτος) and Hebrew (ירח דבש yerach d'vash) versions. (Interestingly, Yerach is used for month, rather than the more common Chodesh. Yerach is related to the word Yare'ach for moon and the 2 words are spelled alike: ירח.) The Persian word is ماه عسل māh-e asal which means both "honey moon" and "honey month" (māh in Persian means both moon and month).. The same applies to the word ay in the Turkish equivalent, balayı. In Hungarian language it is called "honey weeks" (mézeshetek). Likewise, the Tamil word for honeymoon is (thaen nilavu), with thaen 'honey' and nilavu 'moon', and the Marathi word for honeymoon is (madhuchandra) with Madhu 'honey' and chandra 'moon', whereas in Bangla ('Bengali') language, it is referred to as মধুচন্দ্রিমা (modhuchondrima) with modhu 'honey and chondrima 'moon'..A babymoon is a related term and refers to a vacation taken by a couple either soon before, or soon after, the birth of their baby, like the honeymoon which follows a wedding..Hony mone, a term proverbially applied to such as be newly married, which will not fall out at the first, but th'one loveth the other at the beginning exceedingly, the likelihood of their exceadinge love appearing to aswage, ye which time the vulgar people call the hony mone...

Charles Habib Ayrout (Arabic: شارل حبيب عيروط) was an architect practicing in Cairo and is considered as one of that city's Belle Epoque/Art Déco (1920–1940) architects for his landmark buildings and villas..His father, Habib Ayrout, was a Lebanese Egyptian architect and contractor practicing in Cairo. After being educated in Paris as an engineer-architect, Habib Ayrout participated in the planning and construction of Heliopolis..Charles Ayrout had 2 brothers Henry Habib Ayrout and Max Ayrout who was also an architect practicing in Cairo...The Belle Époque or La Belle Époque ( French for "Beautiful Era") was a period in French and Belgian history that is conventionally dated as starting in 1871 and ending when World War I began in 1914..Occurring during the era of the 3rd French Republic (beginning 1870), it was a period characterized by optimism, peace at home and in Europe, new technology and scientific discoveries. The peace and prosperity in Paris allowed the arts to flourish, and many masterpieces of literature, music, theatre, and visual art gained recognition. The Belle Époque was named, in retrospect, when it began to be considered a "golden Age" in contrast to the Horrors of World War I... you saying you have a better Whipper in Marseilles than we have in Paris..Why was I not made Of stone - like thee..I never realize till now how ugly I am, because you're so beautiful..Im not a man not a beast laughs I'm about as shapeless of the man On the Moon.. I'm deaf you know but you can speak to me by signs...

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