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Arrow Roll Of Honour

Fus P.P. Atkinson RRF
Cpl C.A.E. Bolam RCT
Fus A. Bunney RRF
Maj. A. J. Burch REME
Fus C.P. Cole RRF
Flt Lt. R. M. Collier RAF
Flt Lt. K. Collister RAF
Cpl R. G. Consiglio PARA
LCpl S. R. Crofts RCT

Cpl D. E. Denbury RE
Flt Lt. N. T. Dent RAF
Pte N. W. D. Donald QOHldrs
Sgt. M. J. Dowling REME
Flt Lt. K. J. Duffy RAF
Wg Cdr T. N. C. Elsdon RAF
LCpl F. C. Evans REME
Pte M. Ferguson QOHlds
Pte A. J. Fogerty RAOC
MM1 M. J. Foy RFA
Fus R. A. Gillespie RRF
Cpl R. H. Going RAMC
Pte T. Haggerty RS
MM1 P. J. Harris RFA
Flt Lt. S. M. Hicks RAF
LCpl T.T. W. Hill RCT
Gnr P. P. Keegan RA
Maj. J. S. Kinghan RE
Sgt. D. B. Kinnear RAPC
Cpl S. J. Lane RE
Pte J. W. Lang Qohldrs
Fus K. Leech RRF
Sqn Ldr G. K. S. Lennox RAF
Csgt D. A. MacKinnon A &SH
Dvr J. P. McFadden RCT
Gdsm C. A. Napier COLDM GDS
SSgt V. D. Phillips RAOC
LCpl R. Robins RCT
Spr R. A. Royle RE
Fus S. T. Satchell RRF
Pte S. P. Taylor STAFFORDS
SSgt D. C. Tite RMP
Fus L. J. Thompson RRF
Sqn Ldr K. P. Weeks RAF
LCpl L. Wellington RCT
Lt. E. A. Whitehead 16/5L
Lt. Col. A. J. Wright RE

In Honour of those British Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen Who gave their lives for the Liberation of Kuwait August 1990 - July 1991...

So Called Friendy Fire Casualties..A USAF A-10 'Warthog' tank buster attacked 2 Warrior IFVs of the 4th Armoured Brigade killing 9 of the British troops inside wounding 11... The men killed were:

Fusilier Lee Thompson, 19, 3rd Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.
Private Neil Donald, 1st Battalion Queen's Own Highlanders.
Private John Lang, 19, Queen's Own Highlanders
Fusilier Stephen Satchell, 18, 3rd Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.
Conrad Cole, 17.
Martin Ferguson, 21.
Fusilier Richard Gillespie.
Fusilier Kevin Leech, 20.
Fusilier Paul Atkinson,19...

British POWs..7 RAF Tornados were lost during the air war, each with a 2-man crew. The crews taken prisoner were: Flight Lieutenant John Peters while being paraded on Iraqi TV, soon after the Tornado GR MK1 he was piloting, was shot down, during a low level day-light attack on an Iraqi airfield. His navigator, Flight Lieutenant John Nichol, was also made a POW after their aircraft crashed. Both survived torture and beatings from their Iraqi interrogators and guards and were eventually released with other Allied POWs at the end of hostilities..Bravo Two Zero (SAS) Patrol prisoners: Mark (POW), Andy McNab (POW), Stan (POW) and Dinger (POW).. Other prisoners known were: Joseph Small and Troy Dunlap...

Over 1,000 Kuwaiti civilians were killed in the conflict.. More than 600 Kuwaitis went missing during Iraq's occupation, and approximately 375 remains were found in mass graves in Iraq. The increased importance of air attacks from both Coalition warplanes and cruise missiles led to controversy over the number of civilian deaths caused during Desert Storm's initial stages. Within Desert Storm's first 24 hours, more than 1,000 sorties were flown, many against targets in Baghdad.. The city was the target of heavy bombing, as it was the seat of power for Saddam and the Iraqi forces' command and control.. This ultimately led to civilian casualties..Saddam's government gave high civilian casualty figures in order to draw support from Islamic countries. The Iraqi government claimed that 2,300 civilians died during the air campaign.. According to the Project on Defense Alternatives study, 3,664 Iraqi civilians were killed in the conflict..The Amiriyah shelter bombing was an aerial attack that killed more than 408 civilians on 13 February 1991 during the Persian Gulf War, when an air-raid shelter ("Public Shelter No. 25"), also referred to as the Al Firdos C3 bunker by the U.S. military, in the Amiriyah neighborhood of Baghdad, Iraq, was destroyed by the U.S. Air Force with 2 laser-guided "smart bombs"...According to the U.S. military, they targeted Amiriyah because it fit the profile of a military command center; it picked up electronic signals coming from the site, and spy satellites could see a lot of people and vehicles moving in and out of the bunker.. The shelter was used in the Iran–Iraq War and the Persian Gulf War by hundreds of civilians... An investigation by Beth Osborne Daponte estimated total civilian fatalities at about 3,500 from bombing,and some 100,000 from the war's other effects... Operator: Bravo Two Zero, B20 come in.. Bravo Two Zero, B20 come in.. Let's just say cooking smack is like preparing Thanksgiving dinner where one of the ingredients is a hand grenade..Radio Operator: Bravo Two Zero commence tactical maneuver area two nine alpha romeo, take position on three nine foxtrot delta 47...

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