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Default Telegraph article - background for fact-checkers.

Regarding the article above, and only for those interested in seperating the wheat from the chaff (as you all must by now realise that all is not always as it seems):

The journalist Tim Tate, whose name appears as one of those responsible, has recently re-appeared on the CSA scene.

He had commented on SpotlightOnAbuse, but I first noticed him hanging around the Needleblog under the article about "the Tricker video":

In a bizarre case of synchronicity, he gets himself in a muddle about the source, of which he is suspicious, and thinks is Chris Fay. He is corrected.
Later, he has an article appear in The Express only to see the "whistleblower" of the article wrongly identified by a commentator as being Chris Fay! He corrects them.
What a funny old world!

[Somewhat ironically, he had been critical of the journalistic credibility of The Express... in which paper his article later appears!]

Regarding the infamous "Tricker video", I also took an interest. See my post here (and the replies):

Back to Tate. If you check for his Express articles, you will see that there are just two (written with Ted Jeory), the other being the "snuff video" which also originated largely from the Needleblog. I didn't have time to check this out, but instinct tells me it really wasn't (a snuff-film, that is, horrific nonetheless... but that's just pure instinct, nothing else).

Where did he come from, you may wonder? Well, he was & still is involved in film-making with Roger Cook ('The Cook Report') and also wrote extensively on CSA.

Tate also became embroiled in the Satanic Ritual Abuse scare/cover-up (depending upon your point of view). You can see what the never-to-be-relied-upon Wikipedia says about it here:

Another name might pop up, too: Margaret Jervis, an apparent hate-figure to some who see her as a cover-up merchant & abuse denier. Regardless of your opinion, she was largely responsible for exposing the supressed Nottingham JET report, against substantial legal opposition. (Before Wikileaks came into being!).

And a coincidental cherry on this cake of confusion: Tim Tate will perhaps have worked with Ben Fellows (on 'The Cook Report') who was, of course, responsible for the false allegations against an ex-cabinet minister that nearly led to a McAlpine-moment (mentioned above in reply to Jollyolly)!

It's a merry-go-round, a wurlitzer, a carousel...

So, in a further reply to Nick68 (who asked what exactly I am doing here) I will say that I am investigating, researching & trying to get my head around what ever the hell is going on here. And it's not an easy task...

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