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4455 Ruriko (1988 XA) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on December 2, 1988 by Seiji Ueda and Hiroshi Kaneda at Kushiro..An Imperial decree in July 1899 established Kushiro as an open port for trading with the United States and the United Kingdom..Kushiro has been an important port because it is more reliably ice-free during winter than alternative Russian Far East warm-water ports such as Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky or other ports in Hokkaido such as Hakodate, which occasionally do freeze for short periods due to the lower salinity of the Sea of Japan.. For this reason, Kushiro was considered a valuable target for the Tsars during the Russo-Japanese Wars, but it only became a really important port during the 1920s with the growth of commercial fishing, for which its reliable freedom from ice reduced costs..On October 11, 2005 the town of Akan, from Akan District, and the town of Onbetsu, from Shiranuka District, was merged into Kushiro... used to make long speeches to you after you left.. I used to talk to you all the time, even though I Was alone.. I walked around for months talking to you.. Now I don't know what to say.. It was easier when I just imagined you.. I even imagined you talking back to me. We'd have long conversations, the 2 of us. It was almost like you were there. I could hear you, I could see you, smell you. I could hear your voice..Sometimes your voice would wake me up. It would wake me up in the middle of the nightsweat, just like you were in the room with me..Then... it slowly faded. I couldn't picture you anymore. I tried to talk out loud to you like I used to, but there was nothing there..I couldn't hear you..Then... I just Gave it up.. Everything stopped. You just... disappeared...

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