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Check this our Adan...
Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post talked our PR man Brian into coming along. I felt the day off would do him some good, too.. Man hasn't screwed up with his technology.."Morgan, one of these days the Earth will get even with Man for messing her up with his garbage. Just let Man continue to pollute the Earth the way he is and nature will rebel. It's gonna be one hell of a rebellion." 'Course, I never took 'im seriously, but I still remember the way he looked at me when he said, "You'll never know when and where it's gonna happen. And once it starts, you'll never know how and when it'll stop..They're not my wasps!..

Muhammad Shukor Adan (born on September 24, 1979 in Malacca) is a Malaysian footballer who is currently playing for Felda United F.C. and also serves as their captain..In the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien, the Edain were men (humans) who made their way into Beleriand in the First Age, and were friendly to the Elves...

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