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Cool Breeze

Latin honors (Latin honours) are Latin phrases used to indicate the level of distinction with which an academic degree was earned.. This system is primarily used in Indonesia, the Philippines, the United States, and many countries of continental Europe, although some institutions use translations of these phrases rather than the Latin originals.. The honours distinction should not be confused with the "postgraduate" (With) Honours or Cum Honore degree, which is the continuation of a completed (Honours) Bachelor degree program in the same field e.g. in Australian and Canadian universities...After publication in 1940, the book sold 80,000 copies in the United Kingdom and the United States, collecting US$40,000 in royalties for Kennedy; those from the British sales were donated to Plymouth, England, recently bombed by the Luftwaffe, while Kennedy bought a green Buick convertible with the American income..Buick, formally the Buick Motor Division, is an American automobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors (GM). For much of its existence in the North American market, Buick has been marketed as a premium automobile brand, selling entry-level luxury vehicles positioned above its mainstream GM stablemate Chevrolet, and below the flagship Cadillac division..At first, Buick followed the likes of Napier in automobile racing, winning the first-ever race held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway..The 8 was offered in 3 displacements, the 220 cubic inch (bore 2 7/8 in. stroke 4.25 in.), was available in the Series 50 with 77 brake HP...In the 1930s Buicks were popular with the British royal family, particularly Edward VIII..He imported and used a Canadian built McLaughlin-Buick that were GMs top brand in Canada, Cadillac not having caught on there.. George VI used one for a coast to coast royal tour of Canada in 1939..1942 — Produced the M18 Hellcat army tank and supplied radial engines installed in the B-24 Liberator... just got to learn to go with the heat, R.. It's just like life..You just gotta keep telling yourself, Yes Matter how hot it gets, sooner or later there's a cool breeze coming in..The secret to success, whether it's W or M, is knowing when to quit.. I oughta know: I'm divorced and broke..I haven't seen him like this since 1983 when he chased a cop who put a clamp om the BuG van..You know what they say about Architecture, it's like frozen ...

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