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The London Borough of Lambeth is a London borough in south London, England and forms part of Inner London.. The local council is Lambeth London Borough Council...The name is recorded in 1062 as Lambehitha, meaning 'landing place for lambs', and in 1255 as Lambeth. Lambeth Marsh was drained in the 18th century but is remembered in the Lower Marsh street name..In 1979 the administration of Edward "Red Ted" Knight organised the borough's first public demonstration against the Thatcher government.. In 1985, the left-wing Labour administration of Ted Knight was subjected to 'rate-capping' with its budget restricted by the Government. Knight and most of the Labour councillors protested by refusing to set any budget. This protest resulted in 32 councillors being ordered to repay to the council the interest the council had lost as a result of budgeting delays, and also being disqualified from office..Lambeth is a long, thin borough (approximately 3 miles (4.8 km) wide and 7 miles (11 km) long). Brixton is the civic centre of the borough and there are other town centres. The largest shopping areas are (in order of size) Streatham, Brixton, Vauxhall, Clapham and West Norwood..Despite the Borough's high population density, it contains some open spaces of Metropolitan importance including Brockwell Park and Brockwell Lido, Streatham Common, half of Clapham Common, and West Norwood Cemetery..Along and around the South Bank a tourist area has developed around the former GLC headquarters of County Hall and the Royal Festival Hall and National Theatre.. Also on the river is the London Eye and Hayward Gallery, to the east of which is the Oxo Tower wharf and adjacent areas redeveloped by the Coin Street Community Builders. Nearby and also in the north of the borough is St Thomas' Hospital,Plastic BaG Lambeth Palace and the Florence Nightingale Museum..

The Oxo Tower building with a prominent tower on the south bank of the River Thames in London.. The building has been redeveloped as a mixed use development called "Oxo Tower Wharf", which currently has a set of design, arts and crafts shops on the ground and first floors as well as two gallery spaces, Bargehouse and [email protected] The OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie is located on the 8th floor, which is the roof top level of the main building offering fine and casual dining.. The 2nd to se7enth floors contain 78 flats.. the 2nd floor is also hired out for events and weddings..The building was originally constructed as a power station for the Post Office, built towards the end of the 19th century.. It was subsequently acquired by the Liebig Extract of Meat Company,manufacturers of Oxo beef stock cubes, for conversion into a cold store..The building is flanked on the upstream, western side by Bernie Spain Gardens and Gabriel's Wharf, and to the east by Sea Containers House..The building was largely rebuilt to an Art Deco design by company architect Albert Moore between 1928 and 1929. Much of the original power station was demolished, but the river facing facade was retained and extended. Liebig wanted to include a tower featuring illuminated signs advertising the name of their product. When permission for the advertisements was refused, the tower was built with four sets of 3 vertically-aligned windows, each of which "coincidentally" happened to be in the shapes of a circle, a cross and a circle. Liebig and the building were eventually purchased by the Vestey Group... you kill a king, you don't stab him in the dark. You kill him where the entire court can watch him dye..I'm 47.. Forty-seven years old.. You know how I stayed alive this long? All these years? Fear.. The spectacle of fearsome acts..Somebody steals from me, I cut off his hands.. He offends me, I cut out his tonglen.. He rises against me, I cut off his head, stick it on a pike, raise it high up so all on the streets can see.. That's what preserves the order of things...
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