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Costello's methodical modus operandi includes ironclad alibis involving his lover, Jane.. Having carried out a contract on a nightclub owner, he is seen leaving the scene by several witnesses, including piano player Valérie.. Their statements are inconsistent but the investigating officer believes Costello is his man.. Costello loses a police tail and gets to a meeting point on a subway overpass where instead of getting paid, he is shot and wounded by a man sent by his employers.. Having bandaged his wound and rested, he returns to the nightclub and somehow bonds with the piano player.. In the meantime, police officers bug his room, which agitates the bird in its cage.. Upon returning, Costello notices some loose feathers scattered around the cage. Suspecting an intrusion, he searches his room, finds the bug and deactivates it...

Red Moon was born according to his gravestone in 1821 or in 1832 according to the writings of Patt Hodge in the Prairie Fire publication. The author of this article prefers the 1832 date for several reasons. Red Moon was the son of Yellow Wolf, prominent chief of the southern Cheyenne. Yellow Wolf’s band was the Rope Hair people. Yellow Wolf was reportedly born in 1779, although I think this was a little early. He was killed in the 1864 massacre of Sand Creek in Colorado. Of the several well-known Indian Chiefs camped at Sand Creek, Black Kettle was the only one to survive. Red Moon was probably not yet a chief or if he was, he was not of prominence at that time. He would have been 32 years of age at the time of the Sand Creek MassAcre and probably was present through inference of his relationship to Yellow Wolf..Following the Massacre at Sand Creek, Black Kettle lost his status as a principal chief of the Cheyennes because of his proclivity toward peace with the whites. Indications are that Red Moon and his followers aligned themselves with Black Kettle until the latter’s death. In January 1865 the peace chiefs of the Cheyennes, among them Black Kettle and Red Moon, separated themselves from the warring clans and headed south from the Northern Cheyennes, who were at that time located on the Powder River in eastern Wyoming..Red Moon was camped close to Black Kettle at the time of the fight on the Washita in 1868. He later gave a report that fewer Indians were killed that day than what Custer reported... could have a kitchen like that someday..I don't know about that, but it makes me think of Indians.. They got name like, uhh, Red Moon, Crazy Horse, Running Bear, Black Fish...

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