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Lightbulb Tomb of the Matriarchs

In the Book of Genesis, Bilhah (בִּלְהָה "faltering; bashful", Standard Hebrew Bilha, Tiberian Hebrew Bilhâ) is Rachel's handmaid who becomes a wife of Jacob and bears him two sons, Dan and Naphtali..The Testament of Naftali, part of the Dead Sea Scrolls, says that Bilhah and Zilpah's father was named Ahotay. He was taken into captivity but redeemed by Laban, Rachel and Leah's father, and he gave Ahotay a wife named Hannah, who was their mother. Rabbinic sources (Midrash Raba, and elsewhere), on the other hand, state that Bilhah and Zilpah were also Laban's daughters,through his concubines, making them half-sisters to Rachel and Leah..Genesis 35:22 says "And it was during the stay of Israel in that land, and Reuben went and lay with Bilha, his father's concubine, and Israel heard..." As a result of this adultery, he lost the respect of his father, as Genesis 49:4 says: Turbulent as the waters, you will no longer excel, for you went up onto your father’s bed, onto my couch and defiled it."However, Rashi, an 11th-century commentator, interprets the story differently. He suggests that, as long as Rachel was alive, Jacob kept his bed in her tent and visited the other wives in theirs. When Rachel died, Jacob moved his bed into the tent of Bilhah, who had been mentored by Rachel, to retain a closeness to his favourite wife. However, Reuben, eldest son of Leah, felt that this move slighted his mother, who was also a primary wife, and so he moved Jacob's bed into his mother's tent. This invasion of Jacob's privacy was viewed so gravely that the Bible EQuates it with adultery, and lost Reuben his first-born right to a double inheritance..Bilhah is said to be buried in the Tomb of the Matriarchs in Tiberias..In the Book of Chronicles, Shimei's brothers were said to have lived in Bilhah and surrounding territories prior to the reign of David...

In the Book of Genesis, Zilpah (זִלְפָּה "drooping", Standard Hebrew Zilpa, Tiberian Hebrew Zilpâ) is Leah's handmaid who becomes a wife of Jacob and bears him two sons Gad and Asher..Zilpah is given to Leah as a handmaid by Leah's father, Laban, upon Leah's marriage to Jacob (see Genesis 29:24, 46:18). According to some commentators, Zilpah and Bilhah, the handmaids of Leah and Rachel, respectively, were actually younger daughters of Laban..According to Rashi, an 11th-century commentator, Zilpah was younger than Bilhah, and Laban's decision to give her to Leah was part of the deception he used to trick Jacob into marrying Leah, who was older than Rachel.. The morning after the wedding, Laban explained to Jacob,"This is not done in our place,to give the younger before the older" (Genesis 29:26)..But at night, to mask the deception, Laban gave the veiled bride the younger of the handmaids, so Jacob would think that he was really marrying Rachel, the younger of the sisters..Zilpah also figures in the competition between Jacob's wives to bear him sons.. Leah stops conceiving after the birth of her 4th son, at which point Rachel, who had not yet borne children, offers her handmaid, Bilhah, in marriage to Jacob so that she can have children through her. When Bilhah conceives two sons, Leah takes up the same idea and presents Zilpah as a wife to Jacob. Leah names the 2 sons of Zilpah and is directly involved in their upbringing... are not working for the Baron Rothschild! You're working for Israel, a small country! I'm an old Galicianer from a mud hut in the Ukraine, and I don't trust Yekke putzes let loose in Europe with unlimited operational expenses!..We can locate almost Anyone for anyone anywhere,and we are ideologically promiscuous..We love everybody...

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