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Red Star Line ships had a black funnel with a white band bearing a 5-pointed red star.. The house flag was a white burgee with a red star..Some Red Star ships were given names ending in "-land".. Notable Red Star ships included:

Abbotsford chartered from Gourlay Brothers, Dundee, in 1874

Rusland, built as Kenilworth in 1872 for American Line. Purchased in 1877, ran aground on Long Island on 19 March 1877, subsequently broke in 2 and declared a total loss

Belgenland (1878) sold to Italy in 1905 and renamed SS Venere

Zeeland (1865). Bought as SSJava from Cunard Line in 1878. Sold to France in 1889

Gothland Bought in 1908 from White Star Line, renamed from Gothic. Transferred in 1911 to White Star Line's Australia service and name reverted to Gothic. Transferred again in 1913 to Red Star Line and name changed to Gothland. Scrapped in 1913

Belgenland (1914) completed as troopship Belgic for White Star Line. Transferred to Panama Pacific Line, renamed Columbia

Berlin chartered from American Line for 7 voyages 1895-1898

Cambroman chartered from the Dominion Line for 4 voyages 1907

Conemaugh was the SS Sacrobosso. Purchased in 1890 after salvage. 1897 transferred to New York - Seattle trade, 1904 went missing at sea.

Friesland Sold to Italy in 1911 and renamed La Plata

Westernland (1884). Built by Laird Bros. in Birkenhead, England; steel hull; tonnage: 5,736; 440 feet in length and 47 feet in width; single-screw propeller; compound engines; 4 masts and 2 funnels; speed: 14 1/2 knots. An early steamship to be built of steel. She sailed in Antwerp, Belgium to New York service. In 1901 she was transferred to Liverpool to Philadelphia service for the American Line. She was scrapped in 1912

Zeeland (1901). Launched 1900 and remained at Red Star until World War I 1914

The Belgenland was built in 1914 and originally served as a freighter and World War I troopship for the White Star Line under the name SS Belgic. Because she was needed for the war effort, she was hastily finished with only two smokestacks and a superstructure only one deck high. Initially used for carrying cargo, in 1918 she was given accommodations for up to 3,000 troops. Her gross tonnage was listed at 24,547. The doomed liner Justicia was a near
identical sister ship both being built at the same yard..

Red Star Line offices:Main Office - 9 Broadway, New York/Chicago - 90-96 Dearborn Street\Montreal - 118 W. Notre Dame Street/Philadelphia - 1319 Walnut Street\San Francisco - 319 Geary Street/St. Louis - 900 Locust Street\Winnipeg - 205 McDermot Avenue..The Paris football club Red Star FC are named after the Red Star Line, on which the club's founder Jules Rimet's English housekeeper had travelled..The Mafia chief was an extremely portly man, a “man with a belly,” literally as well as is the figurative sense that meant a man able to inspire fear in his fellow men. Under his protection, Michael had nothing to fear, yet it was considered necessary to keep the fugitive’s identity a secret. And so Michael was restricted to the walled estate of Dr. Taza, the Don’s uncle..Dr. Taza was tall for a Sicilian, almost 6 feet, and had ruddy cheeks and snow-white hair. Though in his seventies, he went every week to Palermo to pay his respects to the younger prostitutes of that city, the younger the better. Dr. Taza’s other vice was reading. He read everything and talked about what he read to his fellow townsmen, patients who were illiterate peasants, the estate shepherds, and this gave him a local reputation for foolishness. What did books have to do with them?In the evenings Dr. Taza, Don Tommasino and Michael sat in the huge garden populated with these marble statues that on this island seemed to grow out of the garden as magically as the black heady grapes..

Dr. Taza loved to tell stories about the Mafia and its exploits over the centuries and in Michael Corleone he had a fascinated listener. There were times when even Don Tommasino would be carried away by the balmy air, the fruity, intoxicating wine, the elegant and quiet comfort of the garden, and tell a story from his own practical experience. The doctor was the legend, the Don the reality..In this antique garden, Michael Corleone learned about the roots from which his father grew. That the word “Mafia” had originally meant place of refuge. Then it became the name for the secret organization that sprang up to fight against the rulers who had crushed the country and its people for centuries. Sicily was a land that had been more cruelly raped than any other in history. The Inquisition had tortured rich and poor alike. The landowning barons and the princes of the Catholic Church exercised absolute power over the shepherds and farmers.. The police were the instruments of their power and so identified with them that to be called a policeman is the foulest insult one Sicilian can hurl at another..Faced with the savagery of this absolute power, the suffering people learned never to betray their anger and their hatred for fear of being crushed. They learned never to make themselves vulnerable by uttering any sort of threat since giving such a warning insured a quick reprisal. They learned that society was their enemy and so when they sought redress for their wrongs they went to the rebel underground, the Mafia. And the Mafia cemented its phower by originating the law of silence, the omerta

In the countryside of Sicily a stranger asking directions to the nearest town will not even receive the courtesy of an answer. And the greatest crime any member of the Mafia could commit would be to tell the police the name of the man who had just shot him or done him any kind of injury. Omerta became the religion of the people. A woman whose husband has been murdered would not tell the police the name of her husband’s murderer, not even of her child’s murderer, her daughter’s raper..Justice had never been forthcoming from the authorities and so the people had always gone to the Robin Hood Mafia. And to some extent the Mafia still fulfilled this role. People turned to their local capo-mafioso for help in every emergency. He was their social worker, their district captain ready with a basket of food and a job, their protector..But what Dr. Taza did not add, what Michael learned on his own in the months that followed, was that the Mafia in Sicily had become the illegal arm of the rich and even the auxiliary police of the legal and political structure. It had become a degenerate capitalist structure, anti-communist, anti-liberal, placing its own taxes on every form of business endeavor no matter how small..Michael Corleone understood for the first time why men like his father chose to become thieves and murderers rather than members of the legal society. The poverty and fear and degradation were too awful to be acceptable to any man of spirit. And in America some emigrating Sicilians had assumed there would be an equally cruel authority...'ve been around enough bridge tables to recognize someone who's holding a high trump - play it now if you will..Never send a baby for the beer!.If it's about Norman, you know the answer...

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