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Lightbulb Ashiya

On 8 October 1976, the major record label EMI signed the Sex Pistols to a 2-year contract.. In short order, the band was in the studio recording a full-dress session with Dave Goodman. As later described by Matlock, "The idea was to get the spirit of the live performance. We were pressurised to make it faster and faster." The riotous results were rejected. Chris Thomas, who had produced Roxy Music and mixed Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon, was brought in to produce.. The band's first single, "Anarchy in the U.K.", was released on 26 November 1976.. John Robb—a music journalist—described the record's impact: "From Steve Jones' opening salvo of descending chords, to Johnny Rotten's fantastic sneering vocals, this song is the perfect statement...a stunningly powerful piece of punk politics...a lifestyle choice, a manifesto that heralds a new era".. Colin Newman, who had just cofounded the band Wire, heard it as "the clarion call of a generation...

October 1st - 1st Dutch casino opens/2 - "Let My People Come" closes at Morosco Theater NYC after 106 perfs\4 – InterCity 125 trains are introduced on British Rail between London and Bristol/6 - "Gang of 4" arrested in Beijing- Cubana Flight 455 crashes due to a bomb placed by anti-Fidel Castro terrorists, after taking off from Bridgetown, Barbados; all 73 people on board are killed-Students gathering at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand are massacred-there is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe \14 - Deborah/15 – 2 members of the UDR jailed for 35 years for murder of the members of the Republic of Ireland cabaret performers Miami Showband-17 - China PR performs nuclear test\18 – Ford officially launches volume production of the Fiesta car at its Valencia plant/19-The Copyright Act of 1976 extends copyright duration for an additional 20 years in the United States-The Battle of Aishiya is fought in Lebanon-Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) is placed on the list of endangered species\20 – The Mississippi River ferry MV George Prince is struck by a ship while crossing from Destrehan, Louisiana to Luling, Louisiana, killing 78 passengers and crew/21 – The Cincinnati Reds sweep the New York Yankees\ 22 – Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh, the 5th President of Ireland, resigns after being publicly insulted by the Minister for Defense/25 – Clarence Norris, the last known survivor of the Scottsboro Boys, is pardoned\Ashiya, a subcaste of Charans from Rajasthan, India..The Charans practised a form of self-immolation, known as tragu. It was similar to harakiri, though only much more violent. It was performed when the Charan was not able to win a war or his demands were rejected or for the cause of saving someone else's life. It was believed that anyone who shed the blood of a Charan would meet with ruin. The British government in India put a ban on performing tragu from 1808 onward; nevertheless, incidents of it kept occurring during a large part of the later period/30 - Rev Joseph Evans elected president of United Church of Christ... financed his sandwich business, Mam makes his sandwiches, I find him his customers, Dad gave him a van and he takes the profit, scoffs his meal and goes into a coma till the next bell rings...

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