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Cool WiGan Pyed Piper

At first, the Bowl was very close to its natural state, with only makeshift wooden benches for the audience, and eventually a simple awning over the stage. In 1926, a group known as the Allied Architects was contracted to regrade the Bowl, providing permanent seating and a shell. These improvements did provide increased capacity (the all-time record for attendance was set in 1936, when 26,410 people crowded into the Bowl to hear opera singer Lily Pons), but were otherwise disappointing, as the regrading noticeably degraded the natural acoustics, and the original shell was deemed acoustically unsatisfactory (as well as visually unfashionable, with its murals of sailing ships)..For the 1927 season, Frank Lloyd Wright's son Lloyd Wright built a pyramidal shell, with a vaguely Southwestern look, out of left-over lumber from a production of Robin Hood. This was generally regarded as the best shell the Bowl ever had from an acoustic standpoint; unfortunately, its appearance was deemed too avant-garde, and it was demolished at the end of the season. It did, however, get Wright a second chance, this time with the stipulation that the shell was to have an arch shape..Live at the Hollywood Bowl was recorded on July 5, 1968 but not released until 1987; the full version of the concert was released on October 2012 also available on LP..The terrorcists agree to detonate the weapon during the Super Bowl in Denver, Colorado, planned to Coincide with a false flag attack on Ameracan forces in Berlin by East Germans DisGuised..., you can't fight in here!. This is the War Room.. The Honest John, the Mace, the Corporal, the Pershing, the Sergeant, and if things don't get better soon all these weapons will be slamming away nuclear warheads and then God help us all! A leading American nuclear strategist: In the next world war, I believe that both sides could stop before the ultimate destruction of cities so that both sides could retire for a period of ten years or so of post-attack recuperation, in which world wars 4 to 8 could be prepared..Oh my God. I'm back.. I'm home. All the time, it was... We finally really did it...

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