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United States Army Rangers serve in designated US Army Ranger units or are graduates from the United States Army Ranger School..The term ranger has been in use unofficially in a military context since the early 17th century. The first military company officially commissioned as rangers were English soldiers fighting in King Philip's War (1676) and from there the term came into common official use in the French and Indian Wars. There have been American military companies officially called Rangers since the American Revolution..The 6 battalions of the modern Rangers have been deployed in wars in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and saw action in several conflicts, such as those in Panama and Grenada. Of the current active Ranger battalions, two—the 1st and the 2nd—have been in service since reactivation in 1974.. The 3rd Ranger Battalion and the headquarters of the 75th Ranger Regiment were reactivated in 1984..The Ranger Training Brigade (RTB)—headquartered at Fort Benning—is an organization under the US Army's Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) and is separate from the 75th Ranger Regiment. It has been in service under various names and Army departments since World War II. The Ranger Training Brigade administrates Ranger School..Successful completionof this 61-day course is required to become Ranger qualified and to wear the Ranger Tab..A loaded march is a rapid march over distance carrying weight. The ability to complete loaded marches is a core military skill in many countries. However in certain climates loaded marches are not practiced since they would result in high casualties through heat exhaustion..A loaded march is known as a "Tab" in the British Army and a "Yomp" in Royal Marines slang like a DonKey..Hee Haw...

Bit of a Hurry sir ...You know if we get one those massive Rainger Rovers we will stick out like a big blue sore cock..The M4 is a motorway which runs between London and South Wales in the United Kingdom. Major towns and cities along the route include Reading, Swindon, Bristol, Newport, Cardiff and Swansea..Originally referred to as the London-South Wales Motorway, the English section, including a suspension bridge over the River Severn, was constructed between 1965 and 1971; Welsh element was completed in 1993..the A new Severn bridge, known as the 2nd Severn Crossing, was opened in 1996 with the M4 rerouted to use it..The English section of the motorway was completed on 22 December 1971 when the 50-mile (80 km) stretch between Junctions 9 and 15 (Maidenhead and Swindon) was opened to traffic.. The Welsh section was completed in 1993, when the Briton Ferry motorway bridge opened.. The Second Severn Crossing O-pened in 1996, together with new link motorways on either side of the estuary to divert the M4 over the new crossing.. The existing route over the Severn Bridge was redesignated the M48, and the new M49 was opened to Connect the new Crossing to the M5...ley ley ley... remain devoted to our little plan..She is like a beautiful virgin, escaping the clutches of a fluffy teddy bear... and each day the world comes a little bit closer to that terrible moment when the beating of a butterfly's wings unleashes a hurricane G himself cannot stop...

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