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Arrow Day 3: 2 May

At 09:30 on 2 May, Oan appeared at the first-floor window of the embassy to demand access to the telex system, which the police had disabled along with the telephone lines, and threatened to kill Abdul Fazi Ezzati, the cultural attaché.. The police refused and Oan pushed Ezzati, whom he had been holding at gunpoint at the window, across the room, before demanding to speak to somebody from the BBC who knew Sim Harris.. The police, relieved to have a demand to which they could easily agree, produced Tony Crabb, managing director of BBC TV News and Harris's boss.. Oan shouted his demands—for safe passage out of the UK, to be negotiated by 3 ambassadors from Arab countries—to Crabb from the 1st-floor window, and instructed that they should be broadcast along with a statement of the hostage-takers' aims by the BBC. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office informally approached the embassies of Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria and Qatar to ask if their ambassadors would be willing to talk to the hostage-takers. The Jordanian ambassador immediately refused and the other 5 said they would consult their governments.. The BBC broadcast the statement that evening, but in a form unsatisfactory to Oan, who considered it to be truncated and incorrect...Meanwhile, the police located the embassy caretaker and took him to their forward headquarters to brief the SAS and senior police officers... He informed them that the embassy's front door was reinforced by a steel security door, and that the windows on the ground floor and first floor were fitted with armoured glass—the result of recommendations made after the SAS had been asked to review security arrangements for the embassy several years earlier..Plans for entering the embassy by battering the front door and ground-floor windows were quickly scrapped and work began on other ideas..Later in the evening, at approximately 23:00, an SAS team reconnoitred the roof of the embassy. They discovered a skylight, and succeeded in unlocking it for potential use as an access point, should they later be required to storm the building.. They also attached ropes to the chimneys to allow soldiers to abseil down the building and gain access through the windows if necessary...

Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
Back in Black is an ElP by Australian hard rock band AC/DC.. It is the 7th Australian and 6th internationally released studio LP by the band..Released on 21 July 1980, Back in Black was the first AC/DC album recorded without former lead singer Bon Scott, who died on 19 February at the age of 33, and was dedicated to him FM..Recorded April – May 1980..30 April – The Iranian Embassy Siege begins. A 6-man terrofist team calling itself the "Democratic Revolutionary Movement for the Liberation of Arabistan" (DRMLA) captures the Embassy of Iran in Prince's Gate, Knightsbridge, central London, taking 26 hostages\5 May – The SAS storm the Iranian Embassy building, kill 5 out of the 6 terrorists and free all the hostages/6 May – The BBC's 5-year-old Ceefax service is ReBranded as Orbit\1 Trooper grabbed the insurance certificate noticing that it had X-pired ....

Did a bit of work down there many moonsk ago rodger..mustpha been around the mid 80's ferranti building...St. James's Square is the only square in the exclusive St James's district of the City of Westminster. It has predominantly Georgian and neo-Georgian architecture and a private garden in the centre. For its first 2 hundred or so years it was one of the 3 or 4 most fashionable residential address in London, and it is now home to the headquarters of a number of well-known businesses, including BP and Rio Tinto Group, as well as an exclusive club The East India Club. It is also home to The London Library. The square's main feature is an equestrian statue of William III erected in 1808..At 10:18 on the morning of 17 April 1984, shots were fired into the group of protestors, striking 11 people, including Yvonne... The unarmed officer died of a stomach wound approximately an hour after arriving at the hospital..Meanwhile,Libyan radio reported that the embassy was stormedand that those in the building fired back in self-defense against "a most horrible terrorist action"..The subsequent inquest into her death was told that Fletcher was killed by shots from 2 Sterling submachine guns from the first floor of the Libyan embassy..Fletcher’s hat and 4 other police officers' helmets were left lying in the square during the ensuing siege on the embassy, and images of them were repeatedly shown on British and international television in the days that followed.. The British P reacted with horror at the 3rd murder of a British police officer in 18 months..With the agreement of Queenie Fletcher, her mother, I raised with the Home Office the 3 remarkable progrommes that were made by Fulcrum, and their producer, Richard Bellfield, called Murder In St. James's. Television speculation is one thing, but this was rather more than that, because on film was George Styles, the senior ballistics officer in the British Army, who said that, as a ballistics expert, he believed that the WPC could not have been killed from the second floor of the Libyan embassy, as was suggested..Also on film was my friend, Hugh Thomas, who talked about the Angles at which bullets could enter bodies, and the position of those bodies. Hugh Thomas was, for years, the consultant surgeon of the Royal Victoria hospital in Belfast, and I suspect he knows more about bullets entering bodies than anybody else in Britain.. Above that was Professor Bernard Knight, who, on and off, has been the Home Office pathologist for 25 years.. When Bernard Knight gives evidence on film that the official explanation could not be, it is time for an investigation"... see, Mr Secretary.. Many years ago, I had a friend, a dear friend..It was a great friendship..Good Evenin, Mister...

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