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The Lord of the Rings is composed of 6 "books", aside from an introduction, a prologue and 6 appendices.. The novel was originally published as 3 separate volumes due to post-World War II paper shortages and size and price considerations.. The Two Towers covers Books III and IV..Tolkien wrote, "The Two Towers gets as near as possible to finding a title to cover the widely divergent Books 3 & 4; and can be left ambiguous." At this stage he planned to title the individual books. The proposed title for Book III was The Treason of Isengard. Book IV was titled The Journey of the Ringbearers or The Ring Goes East..The titles The Treason of Isengard and The Ring Goes East were used in the Millennium edition..In letters to Rayner Unwin Tolkien considered naming the 2 as Orthanc and Barad-dûr, Minas Tirith and Barad-dûr, or Orthanc and the Tower of Cirith Ungol.. However, a month later he wrote a note published at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring and later drew a cover illustration which both identified the pair as Minas Morgul and Orthanc.. In the illustration, Orthanc is shown as a black tower, three-horned, with the sign of the White Hand beside it; Minas Morgul is a white tower, with a thin waning moon above it, in reference to its original name, Minas Ithil, the Tower of the Rising Moon... Between the 2 towers a Nazgul flies..

In the Appendices of The Lord of the Rings, the history of the valley states that it was home to a small Gondorian regiment, but after the place which was called Calenardhon became Rohan, it became an encampment of the Rohirrim, where the guards of the Fords of Isen lived..It also states that during the war with the Dunlendings under Wulf, the Rohirrim under King Helm Hammerhand and many of his people sought refuge in the keep, where they held out during the winter of T.A. 2758–2759..The castle itself was described as having a long causeway which wound up to the great gate of the fortress itself. Inside the keep there were stables and an armoury, as well as a great hall in the rear which was dug out of the mountainside..There also was a great tower (the Hornburg)the top of which consisted of the great horn of Helm Hammerhand. The Deep, which was described as standing next to the fortress, was barred by the long Deeping Wall, which was described as consisting of solid rock except for a small culvert which allowed water from the Deeping Stream to enter; this rendered a fresh supply in sieges of great length. The Deeping Wall itself is described as standing 20 feet tall; and also being wide enough for four men to stand side by side. Access to the fortress from within the Deep was made possible by a long stair which led to the Hornburg's rear gate..Widsith is an Old English poem of 144 lines.. The only text of the fragment is copied in the Exeter Book, a manuscript of Old English poetry compiled in the late 10th century containing approximately one sixth of all surviving Old English poetry. Widsith is located between the poems Vainglory and The Fortunes of Men. Since the discovery of the Exeter Book in 1076, it has been housed in the Exeter Cathedral in southwest England..The Wulfings, Wylfings or Ylfings (the name means the "wolf clan") was a powerful clan in Beowulf, Widsith and in the Norse sagas.. While the poet of Beowulf does not locate the Wulfings geographically, Scandinavian sources define the Ylfings (the Old Norse form of the name) as the ruling clan of the Eastern Geats...

In heraldic achievements, the helmet or helm is situated above the shield and bears the torse and crest...The Helm Canal is an aqueduct in Clovis, California, involved in a series of water transfers to eliminate selenium bearing brackish waters to the San Joaquin River to bypass agricultural deliveries...The Helm (Italian: Monte Elmo; German: Helm) is a mountain in the Puster Valley in South Tyrol, Italy..Elevation 2,434 m (7,986 ft)..USS Helm (DD-388) was a Bagley-class destroyer in the United States Navy during World War II.. She was named for Rear Admiral James Meredith Helm. Helm received 11 battle stars for her World War II service in the Pacific..Helm was launched by Norfolk Navy Yard on 27 May 1937; sponsored by Mrs. J. M. Helm, widow; and commissioned on 16 October 1937, with Lt. Comdr. P. H. Talbot in command..At 0755 on the morning of 7 December 1941, Helm had just turned into West Loch in Pearl Harbor, en route to deperming buoys, when Japanese carrier planes attacked the naval base. It was the only ship under way at the beginning of the attack.. The destroyer manned her guns and brought down at least one of the attackers while she was strafed and slightly damaged by 2 bombs close aboard..The destroyer sailed 20 January 1942 on a special mission to rescue Department of the Interior workers from Howland and Baker islands. Using her whaleboat Helm brought off 6 men from the 2 islands 31 January.. She was attacked by a Japanese patrol bomber later that day. Her gunners drove off the attacker and the ship returned to Pearl Harbor on 6 February...! Open your I's!. This is the life we chose, the life we lead.. And there is only one guarantee: All of us will see heaven..Then do everything that you can to see that that happens..Natural law. Sons are put on this earth to trouble their fathers.. Your Mother knows I love Mr. Rooney...

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