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Arrow Mystery Train

In clothing, a train describes the long back portion of a skirt, overskirt, or dress that trails behind the wearer. It is a common part of a woman's court dress, formal evening gowns or wedding dress..The term is also used for the highly elongated upper tail covert feathers used in display by male peafowl..In the Roman Catholic Church the cappa magna (literally, "great cape"), a form of mantle, is a voluminous ecclesiastical vestment with a long train. Cardinals, bishops, and certain other honorary prelates are entitled to wear the cappa magna..Cathedral train - also known as a monarch train, this can measure up to 8 feet (2.4 metres). A royal cathedral train is considered the longest, most formal train, measuring up to 10 Feet (3 metres) or More...

The cappa magna is ample in volume and provided with a long train and a disproportionately large hood, the lining of the hood is ermine in winter and silk in summer, and was made in such a way as to completely cover not only the back, but also the breast and shoulders. The hood is functional and in earlier times was often placed on the head and covered with the galero. This used to be the custom when the pope created a new cardinal at a consistory. Nowadays, the hood is normally worn over the head only during penitential rites. Previously, cardinals who were members of specific religious orders would wear a cappa magna in the color of their order. Nowadays, all cardinals wear red..The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem still uses the ermine-lined winter cappa, because he is bound by the complex and unalterable rules of the Status quo, an 1852 Ottoman firman which regulates the delicate relations between the various religious groups that care for the religious sites in the Holy Land.. This anomaly is most Evident at the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve in Bethlehem...

The California Zephyr is a passenger train operated by Amtrak between Chicago, Illinois, and Emeryville, California, through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California. At 2,438 miles (3,924 km) it is Amtrak's longest route and one of the most scenic, with views of the upper Colorado River valley in the Rocky Mountains, and the Sierra Nevada..The first train was named in San Francisco by Eleanor Parker while California Lieutenant Governor Goodwin Knight, mayor of San Francisco Elmer Robinson, and WP President Harry A. Mitchell looked on. For the inaugural run in 1949, every female on the train was given "silver" and orange orchids flown from Hilo, Hawaii. The car hostesses were known as Zephyrettes..The California Zephyr was marketed (especially to families) as "...a vacation unto itself." Train hostesses, while not new to the industry in the late 1940s, were elevated to a new level on the CZ in the form of the Zephyrette. Zephyrettes were social directors, tour guides, babysitters, nurses, any role to ensure passengers had a memorable trip..About 12 were assigned at any one time to the CZ.. When Amtrak revived the California Zephyr in 1983 it invited a Zephyrette, Beulah Bauman, to host the first trip..A pair of the Western Pacific's Budd Rail Diesel Cars (RDCs), replacements for the Royal Gorge (trains No. 1 and 2), picked up the name Zephyrette..These were in service between September 17, 1950 and October 2, 1960..Leaving Chicago's Union Station the Willis Tower can be glimpsed as the train passes urban industrial zones and bricked residential streets. The Chicago suburbs are expansive but traversed within the first hour of the train's journey, stopping once in Naperville, Illinois..The train finally departs the now much larger Colorado River after exiting Ruby Canyon which is also where the train enters Utah...In Utah the train follows the southern rim of the Book Cliffs to their end near Helper. The train then crosses the Wasatch Mountains, cresting at Soldier Summit. After passing the Wasatch the train arrives at the Wasatch Front where most of the population of Utah is located..16th Spirit is Zepar. He is a Great Duke, and appeareth in Red Apparel and Armour, like a Soldier. His office is to cause Women to love Men, and to bring them together in love. He also maketh them barren.. He governeth 26 Legions of Inferior Spirits... arrive..16 coaches long...Train arrive..16 coaches LonG.. It's only a matter of time. Of course, Time is just a counting system - numbers with meaning attached to Them...

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