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To Be a Lover" is a song by Billy Idol from his 1986 album Whiplash Smile. As the album's lead single, it became Idol's second top 10 hit in the US, peaking at No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 22 on the UK Singles Chart..The single was backed by Miss Whiplash Smile album track "All Summer Single"..2 different 12" singles were also released worldwide (1x UK and 1x Australia), featuring the aforementioned track and two extended remixes of "To Be A Lover (Mother of Mercy Mix)"(6:45) and "Rock'n'Roll Mix" (Australia only). The "Mother of Mercy Mix" differs quite significantly from the single version; it is a harder sounding song, with a prominent heavy guitar riff dominating most of the track and an 'interlude' with distorted female groans.. It is this version that is featured on the remix compilation album Vital Idol 1987 US/1988 Japan editions..Released September 23, 1986..September 27 – A tour bus carrying the heavy metal band Metallica crashes in Sweden, killing their influential bassist, Cliff Burton...

October – The Smiths play their final gig as a 5-piece..A total solar eclipse occurred on October 3, 1986. It was a hybrid event (normally, an eclipse which is annular for most of its duration, but with totality either at the beginning, end or at sometime during the eclipse) that did not officially satisfy the definition of totality. Totality occurred for a very short time (calculated at 0.2 seconds) in an area in the Atlantic Ocean, just East of the southern tip of Greenland.. The path, on the surface of the Earth, was a narrow, tapered, horse-shoe, and visible only from a thin strip between Iceland and Greenland. At maximum eclipse the solar elevation was about 6°..This eclipse was the last central eclipse of saros 124 and the only Hybrid Eclipse of Josh.. there been some recent change in living arrangements.. He's staying as long as he likes.. And if the syna doesn't like it, then the doggy can find other living arrangements.. I ate garbage last night, Barbara..You wouldn't last 5 minutes on the streets...Would you like some Wine, Al...

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