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A massive metal ring with engraved cover stones is discovered in the sands of Giza, Egypt in 1928, by an archaeologist named Langford and his young daughter, Catherine.. Much later, the adult Catherine Langford offers Egyptologist and linguist Daniel Jackson the chance to translate the Egyptian hieroglyphs on the cover stones..Jackson deduces from the hieroglyphs the existence of a "stargate", a device used to travel to distant worlds. He discovers that the accompanying non-hieroglyphic symbols are star constellations used in a three-dimensional coordinate system. When selected in sequence on the metal ring, they create a stable wormhole to a location in another galaxy. O'Neil leads a team with Jackson through the Stargate, and they find themselves inside a pyramid in the middle of a desert.. The team cannot return home because the necessary coordinates are missing. Jackson, O'Neil, and the others explore the surrounding area and discover a mining operation run by humans. The miners assume that they are emissaries of their G Ra..Jackson attempts communication with the locals using pantomime, and later realizes that they speak a modern dialect derived from Ancient Egyptian..At night, a pyramid shaped spacecraft descends over the pyramid. O'Neil and Jackson are captured and taken to Ra, who appears to be an androgynous human youth with glowing eyes. Ra reveals his intention to return to Earth an atomic bomb brought by O'Neil, its destructive power now enhanced 100-fold with the addition of the mined mineral...

1928 January – English Bacteriologist Frederick Griffith reports the results of Griffith's experiment, indirectly proving the existence of DNA.. A German bacteriologist, Fred Neufeld, had discovered the 3 pneumococcal types (Types I, II, and III) and discovered the Quellung reaction to identify them in vitro.. Until Griffith's experiment, bacteriologists believed that the types were fixed and unchangeable, from one generation to another..S. pneumoniae resides asymptomatically in the nasopharynx of healthy carriers. However, in susceptible individuals, such as elderly and immunocompromised people and children, the bacterium may become pathogenic, spread to other locations and cause disease. S. pneumoniae is the main cause of community acquired pneumonia and meningitis in children and the elderly, and of septicemia in HIV-infected persons..In 1881, the organism, known as the pneumococcus for its role as an etiologic agent of pneumonia, was first isolated simultaneously and independently by the U.S. Army physician George Sternberg and the French chemist Louis Pasteur.. Genetic information can vary up to 10% between strains..January 6–7 – The River Thames floods in London; 14 drown. On January 7 the moat at the Tower of London (drained in 1843 and planted with grass) is completely refilled by a tidal wave..January 12 – Convicted American murderer Ruth Snyder is executed at Sing Sing..17 – The OGPU arrests Leon Trotsky in Moscow; he assumes a status of passive resistance..The Joint State Political Directorate (also translated as the All-Union State Political Administration) was the secret police of the Soviet Union February 12 – Heavy hail kills 11 in England.. 20 – The Japanese general election produces a hung parliament\ 25 – Charles Jenkins Laboratories of Washington, D.C., becomes the first holder of a TV license from the Federal Radio Commission.., I've heard he'd consume the English with fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his Ass and I saw it in his face on the Battlefield and it's tearing me Apart...

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