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Bevis Marks, classified as the A1211, is a street in the ward of Aldgate in the City of London. Traffic runs northwest in a one-way direction into Camomile Street, and parallel to Houndsditch which runs southeast one-way..Bevis Marks is mentioned frequently in Charles Dickens's The Old Curiosity Shop as the street where solicitor Sampson Brass has his office..Bevis Marks is home to the Grade I listed Bevis Marks Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in the United Kingdom still in use..The synagogue was built in 1701 and is affiliated to London's historic Spanish and Portuguese Jewish community.. It is a Grade I listed building. It is the only synagogue in Europe which has held regular services continuously for over 300 years..The structure was completed and dedicated in September 1701.. The interior decor and furnishing and layout of the synagogue reflect the influence of the great Amsterdam Synagogue of 1677. The roof was destroyed by fire in 1738 and repaired in 1749. During the London Blitz the synagogue's silver, records and fittings were removed to a place of safety; the synagogue suffered only minor damage. The synagogue suffered some collateral damage from the IRA in 1992 and the 1993 Bishopsgate bombing, but this was restored..The essential original structure of the building thus remains today..For Sephardic Jews, the Bevis Marks Synagogue was a religious center of the Anglo-Jewish world for more than a century, and served as a clearing-house for congregational and individual Jewish problems all over the world. These included the appeal of Jews in Jamaica for a reduction in taxation (1736), the internecine quarrel among Jews in Barbados (1753), and the aiding of se7en-year-old Moses de Paz, who escaped from Gibraltar in 1777 to avoid a forced conversion to Christianity.. Through the actions of the leading synagogue member Moses Montefiore the synagogue was also involved in the 19th century in the Damascus Affair and the Mortara Affair.2 events provoking much international discussion of Jewish rights and reputation.Amongst the Chief Rabbis of the Anglo-Sephardic Community (Hahams) who have served at Bevis Marks have been Daniel Nieto (1654–1728) and Moses Gaster (1856–1939).. Amongst other notable members of the synagogue's congregation have been the boxer Daniel Mendoza, and Isaac D'Israeli (father of Benjamin Disraeli), who resigned from the congregation after an argument over synagogue fees..12 pillars, symbolising the twelve tribes of Israel, support the women's gallery..A number of seats in the synagogue are roped off as they belong or have belonged to notable people within the community..2 seats were reserved for the most senior officials of the congregation's publishing arm, Heshaim.. A 3rd seat, fitted with a footstool, (the seat nearest the Ark on the central row of the left half of the benches) is also withheld as it belonged to Moses Montefiore.. In 2001 Prince Charles used the seat during the synagogue's tercentenary service. Prime Minister Tony Blair used it for the service celebrating the 350th anniversary of the re-settlement of the Jews in Great Britain in 2006, when the Chief Rabbi of the United Synagogue Sir Jonathan Sacks and the Lord Mayor of London were also present...

It is thought that a gate at Aldgate was already spanning the road to Colchester in the Roman period, when the City wall itself was constructed. The gateway stood at the corner of the modern Duke's Place and was always an obstacle to traffic. It was rebuilt between 1108–47, again in 1215, and reconstructed completely between 1607-09. The gate was finally removed in 1761; it was temporarily re-erected at Bethnal Green.In 1773 Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral by Besseey Wheatley, the first book by an African American was published in Aldgate after her owners could not find a publisher in Boston, Massachusetts..Daniel Mendoza was born in 1764 to a Jewish family in Aldgate.. He was author of The Art of Boxing and became an English boxing champion from 1792 to 1795..Aldgate is one of 25 wards in the City of London, each electing an Alderman to the Court of Aldermen and Commoners (the City equivalent of a councillor) to the Court of Common Council of the City of London Corporation. Only electors who are Freemen of the City are eligible to stand..The area around the large traffic roundabout to the east of where the gate stood is also often referred to as Aldgate (although strictly, this is Aldgate High Street, and extends a short distance into Whitechapel; it is also known occasionally by the epithet 'Gardiners' Corner', in honour of a long-disappeared department store)...

The City of London is a city within London.. It constituted most of London from its settlement by the Romans in the 1st century AD to the Middle Ages, but the conurbation has since grown far beyond the City's borders.. The City is now only a tiny part of the metropolis of the London region, though it remains a notable part of central London. It holds city status in its own right and is also a separate ceremonial county..It is widely referred to simply as the City (often written as just "City" and differentiated from the phrase "the city of London" by capitalising "City") and is also colloquially known as the Square Mile, as it is 1.12 sq mi (2.90 km2),i.e., just over 1 sq mi, in area. Both of these terms are also often used as metonyms for the United Kingdom's trading and financial services industries, which continue a notable history of being largely based in the City..On Friday 13 November 1998, Lord Levene of Portsoken became the 8th Jewish Lord Mayor of London. An ASHkeNazi Jew by birth, Lord Levene's first public act was to walk, with a retinue, from his official residence (Mansion House) to Bevis Marks Synagogue, for the Sabbath Eve service..This was repeated on Friday 12 November 2010 by the then Lord Mayor Michael Bear..Today the Spanish and Portuguese descendant community in London operates 3 synagogues; Bevis Marks, Lauderdale Road, (which is the community's administrative headquarters), and a smaller synagogue in Wembley. The community's sheltered housing scheme "Harris Court" and old-age home "Edinburgh House" are also located in Wembley. A number of other Sephardic synagogues in Britain have associated status.Bevis Marks Synagogue remains the flagship synagogue of the British Sephardic Jewish community. Regular services are held and the synagogue is frequently a venue for weddings and other celebrations..Isaac D'Israeli had never taken religion very seriously, but had remained a conforming member of the Bevis Marks Synagogue..The term civil service can refer to either a branch of governmental service in which individuals are employed (hired) on the basis of professional merit as proven by competitive examinations; or the body of employees in any government agency other than the military...His father, the elder Benjamin, was a prominent and devout member; it was probably from respect for him that Isaac did not leave when he fell out with the synagogue authorities in 1813... this kiss upon the brow!.And, in parting from you now..Thus much let me avow..You are correct, Who deem All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream...

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