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Cool M&M

Mr. and Mrs. was a United Kingdom TV show that aired on the ITV network with Alan Taylor hosting the HTV Wales version and Norman Vaughan first hosing the Border version and then Derek Batey afterwards. It was then aired on UK Living hosted by Nino Firetto entitled The All-New Mr. and Mrs. Show and then back on the ITV network in 1999 hosted by Julian Clary.The British version actually began in Wales in 1964 as a Welsh language only programme in the same format entitled Sion a Sian ("John and Jane") where it continued until 2003 presented by Ieuan Rhys. It was first broadcast on Teledu Cymru, then HTV Cymru and finally S4C. The series was revived in 2012, presented by Stifyn Parri and Heledd Cynwal. This year saw Sion a Sian feature its first gay couple.. The show was revived in 2008 as a celebrity game show entitled All Star Mr & Mrs, hosted by Phillip Schofield, O-riginally with Fern Britton...

The British Forces Post Office (BFPO) provides a postal service to HM Forces, separate from that provided by Royal Mail in the United Kingdom. BFPO addresses are used for the delivery of mail in the UK and around the world. BFPO is based at RAF Northolt in North West London..The mission of BFPO is to "...provide an efficient and effective Postal and Courier Service to sustain the fighting power of UK Armed Forces Worldwide"..BFPO 61 is for Milan, Italy. Until the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997, BFPO 1 was the address for British forces serving in the then colony..For security reasons, mail to civilian addresses in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland must be handed directly to BFPO staff, not placed in the post box, and must not have a return military address displayed on the envelope.. In addition, mail to those destinations cannot be sent using the Bluey system..Transitional endoplasmic reticulum ATPase (TER ATPase) also known as Valosin-containing Protein (VCP)is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the VCP Gene..In the spring of 2003 during the first 3 months of the Invasion of Iraq over 250,000 e-blueys per month were sent, a record that still stands. Subsequently the e-bluey has become ubiquitous with mail delivery for British Troops and currently accounts for 80% of the flat mail delivered to troops in theatre..Random checkpoints are set up to achieve surprise, as opposed to known permanently located manned checkpoints.. They might be established in locations where they cannot be observed by approaching traffic until it is too late to withdraw and escape without being OBserved..The origins of the BFPO can be traced back to Saxon times. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle make mention of messengers being sent by King Edward the Elder (899–924) to recall members of the Kent fyrd,but it is generally regarded that the origins of the postal services stem from the Kings Messengers (Nuncii et Cursores) of medieval times...
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