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Originally Posted by ksigmason View Post
I stated what is happening now in Iraq since I left in 2005. I mean, it didn't take a brain surgeon to see what would happen once the US framework and military forces pulled out...

The Green Zone (Arabic: المنطقة الخضراء, al-munṭaqah al-ḫaḍrā’) is the most common name for the International Zone of Baghdad. It is a 10 square kilometers (3.9 sq mi) area of central Baghdad, Iraq, that was the governmental center of the Coalition Provisional Authority and remains the center of the international presence in the city. Its official name beginning under the Iraqi Interim Government is the International Zone, though Green Zone remains the most commonly used term. The contrasting Red Zone refers to parts of Baghdad immediately outside the perimeter, but was also loosely applied to all unsecured areas outside the off-site military posts. Both terms originated as military designations... fellas running loose in there will do a girl more damage than a barracks full of drunk dragoons..And friends that are listening surely to G!...

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