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Lightbulb Al

It is Auda of the Howitat who speaks..Eh Cum Again !..

Jubail (Arabic: الجبيل‎, Al Jubayl), is a city in the Eastern Province on the Arabic Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia. It is the largest industrial city in the Middle East. It also home to the Middle East's largest and world's 4th largest petrochemical company.. It has the world's largest IWPP (Independent Water and Power Project) producing 2743.6 MW of electricity and 800,000 m3 of water daily.. Jubail comprises the Old Town of Al Jubail, which was a small fishing Village until 1975, and the new industrial area. Jubail Industrial City is the largest civil engineering project in the world today..Jubail is directly connected with other cities by 2 major highways; Dhahran-Jubail Highway and Abu Hadriyah Highway..There are 2 seaports in Jubail—the Jubail Commercial Seaport and the King Fahd Industrial Seaport..The Saudi Landbridge Project is a planned railway project which forms part of the Saudi Railways Expansion Programme..Jubail is home to a number of big industries, most notably the "SABIC" building. Jubail has a robust market Place, known as International Market.. It also has a few malls, such as the Fanateer Mall...

I was up at 0200,woken by staff ZZZZ and starting to pack when MAJ Bob Dickson came by and asked me to help draw strip maps of the route. I tossed my stuff into the bags and went with him. We reconned the first tricky few miles out of Khobar, then went to Dhahran AFB to run off copies and eat breakfast at the mess hall (real bacon!)..We loaded up by 0900, packing 40 of us, our LBE, weapons, mask, chemical garment,and some personal stuff in the back of the buzz, and our rucksacks on the roof. Cozy. Then a complication arose. The driver spoke no English. Since I knew at least 6 words of Arabic, I was "skeletor"..The strip map for the X-Zit at Jubail, which we got from another unit, was confusing. There were 2 possible exits that fit the description of the turnoff, and we got off on the wrong one. Thank God I had travelled the route yesterday and knew how to get to the camp..The buildings are prefab aluminum dorms for foreign oil workers, and the place looks a lot like a Sun Belt trailer park. It's also an R and R spot for troops from the 3rd ACR. I can imagine what things in forward areas must be like if they come here for R and R!..Valentine's Day.. Spent morning on light truck duty and weapons cleaning (mostly sit, talk, and clean very slowly). In the afternoon there were a variety of tasks..I got to spend 2 solid hours on Arabic. Then at 1600 I went for a 2-mile run since my skull was overloaded..After the run I got in some volleyball, then more ARAbic after supper..In one of their goodie boxes, my Mom sent me a pink dinosaur puzzle.. Today was the first chance I had to work on it; got it in about 5-10 minutes..After lunch we had classes on switchboard procedures for CQ, Scud and NBC procedures, and rules of engagement. At 1500 we had a meeting of the DC planning cell..Yesterday we were told a Scud attack on Jubail was unlikely. We got one this morning at 0200, followed by a loud bang a few minutes later. Some masked, some didn't. The all-clear came a few minutes later. We got conflicting reports all day; the bang was the Patriot launch, or the Patriot missed and the Scud hit the Gulf... mother mated with a scorpion..He was also the most shameless exhibitionist since Barnum & Bailey.. So long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people - greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are..You will Cross Sinai.. Moses did!.And you will take the children..Moses did!..

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