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Lightbulb DroPs

As a result of the tumo-heat, the drops melt and enter the central channel. The red "female" drops in the navel chakra ascends to the heart chakra, while the white drops in the crown chakra descend to the same chakra.. The bliss of the drops flowing in the central channel is said to be a 100 x Greater than that of orgasm [p.71].. The drops, moving up or down the central channel, finally enter the "indestructable drop" in the heart chakra, so called because it is said to be drop that passes from life-time to life-time, taking with it the "very subtle mind" and "very subtle wind" [p.72]..., I love to dance the little sidestep \ Now they see me, now they don't / I've come and gone \ And ooh, I love to sweep around a wide step / Cut a little swath \ And lead the people on!..

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