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Devoto and Shelley chose the name "Buzzcocks" after reading the headline, "It's the buzz, cocks!", in a review of the TV series Rock Follies in Time Out magazine. The "buzz" is the excitement of playing on stage; "cock" is Manchester slang meaning "mate" (as in friend/buddy). They thought it captured the excitement of the Sex Pistols and nascent punk scene.A Vibrator is a sex toy for the body and skin, to stimulate the nerves for a relaxing and pleasurable feeling. Some vibrators are designed to ergonomically stimulate erogenous zones for Erotic Stimulation.."Orgasm Addict'" is a single by punk rock band Buzzcocks and its B-side is "Whatever Happened To...?" The song later appeared on the album Singles Going Steady And also on CD reissues of Another Music in a Different Kitchen...

Percy Bysshe Shelley 4 August 1792 – 8 July 1822) was one of the major English Romantic poets and is regarded by critics as amongst the finest lyric poets in the English language. A radical in his poetry as well as his political and social views, Shelley did not achieve fame during his lifetime, but recognition for his poetry grew steadily following his death. Shelley was a key member of a close circle of visionary poets and writers that included Lord Byron; Leigh Hunt; Thomas Love Peacock; and his own 2nd wife, Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein..A promise is a commitment by someone to do or not do something..Mise en place is a French phrase which means "putting in place", as in set up.. It is used in professional kitchens to refer to organizing and arranging the ingredients (e.g., cuts of meat, relishes, sauces, par-cooked items, spices, freshly chopped vegetables, and other components) that a cook will require for the menu items that are expected to be prepared during a shift.. The Practice is also Effective in home kitchens...ène "placing on stage" is an expression used to describe the design aspects of a theatre or Movie production, which essentially means "visual theme" or "telling a story" Both in Visually artful ways through storyboarding, cinematography and stage design, and in poetically artful ways through direction...

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