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The nuclear reactor core (also referred to as the "reactor core" or the "core") is the region within a nuclear reactor where the nuclear fuel assemblies are located and the nuclear reaction consequently takes place. The core of the reactor contains all the nuclear fuels and generates all of the heat. It contains low-enriched uranium, control systems and structural materials. The core contains hundreds of thousands of individual fuel pins..When the control rods are lowered into the core, they absorb neutrons, Which thus cannot take part in the chain reaction. Conversely, when the control rods are lifted out of the way, more neutrons strike the fissile uranium-235 (U-235) or plutonium-239 (Pu-239) nuclei in nearby fuel rods, and the chain reaction intensifies.. The core shroud, also located inside of the reactor, directs the water flow to cool the nuclear reactions inside of the core...The heat of the fission reaction is removed by the water, which also acts to moderate the neutron reactions..There are also Graphite moderated reactors in use..One type uses solid graphite for the neutron moderator and ordinary water for the coolant. See the Soviet-made RBMK nuclear-power reactor. This was the type of reactor involved in the Chernobyl disaster..In the advanced gas-cooled reactor, a British design, the core is made of a graphite neutron moderator where the fuel assemblies are located. Carbon dioxide gas acts as a coolant and it circulates through the graphite removing heat..There have also been several experimental reactors that use graphite for moderation, such as the pebble bed reactor concepts and the molten-salt Reactor X=periment ..., lemme ask you, did I ever do anything really strange as a child?... Is there any history of insanity in the family?.I wanted to take you home, but they wouldn't let me...

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