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Maxim Yuryevich Lazovsky (Russian: Макси́м Ю́рьевич Лазовский, nicknames "Max", "Lame"; July 31, 1965 – April 28, 2000) was a former KGB and FSB officer who became involved in underground business. According to Alexander Litvinenko and co-authors he was also suspected of participation in Russian apartment bombings in 1999, along with other crimes including murders and kidnappings..Maxim Lazovsky was born in Grozny, Chechnya. In 1992, Lazovsky organized a gang that was linked to the Chechen criminal groups which tried to control oil business in the neighbouring regions. Lazovsky was co-owner of the firm Lanako, engaged in oil business. In the same firm worked Captain Andrey Shchelenkov, who died from an explosion of his own bomb on a railway bridge in Moscow on November 18, 1994. Colonel Vladimir Vorobyev, who shorty after organized another act of terrorism in Moscow: the X=plosion of a trolleybus in December 1994, also cooperated closely with Lazovsky..In February 1996, Lazovsky was detained by the Moscow Criminal Investigation department (MUR) and accused of various criminal activities together with the Moscow FSB employee Alexey Jumashkin and 6 other FSB employees.. In 1997 Lazovsky was convicted to 2 years for illegal possession of drugs and weapons. He was released in 1998..According to Yuri Felshtinsky and Vladimir Pribylovsky, was involved in staging bombings in Moscow in 1999..On April 28, 2000, Lazovsky was shot by unknown assassins on the entryway of a church in the village of Uspenskoye near Moscow, where he lived..The fortress of Groznaya (fearsome) was founded in 1818 as a Russian military outpost on the Sunzha River by general Aleksey Petrovich Yermolov which was a prominent defence centre during the Caucasian War..The day after the October Revolution (November 8, 1917), the Bolsheviks headed by N. Anisimov seized Grozny. As the Russian Civil War escalated, the Proletariat formed the 12th Red Army, and the garrison held out against numerous attacks by Terek Cossacks from August 11 to November 12, 1918..In 1944, the entire population of Chechens and Ingush were deported after rebelling against Soviet rule. Large amounts of people who were not deemed fit for transport were 'liquidated' on spot, and the situation of the transport and of the stay in Siberia caused many deaths as well.. According to internal NKVD data, a total of 144,704 were killed in 1944-1948 alone (death rate of 23.5% per all groups)..According to sociologist Georgy Derluguyan, the Checheno-Ingush Republic's economy was divided into 2 spheres—much like French settler-ruled Algeria—and the Russian sphere had all the jobs with higher salaries, while non-Russians were systematically kept out of all government positions..After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Grozny became the seat of a separatist government led by Dzhokhar Dudaev. According to some, many of the remaining Russian and other non-Chechen residents fled or were expelled by groups of militants, adding to a harassment and discrimination from the new authorities.. These events are perceived by some as an act of an ethnic cleansing of non-Chechens, which has been reflected in the materials of General Prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation..During the First Chechen War, Grozny was the site of an intense battle lasting from December 1994 to February 1995 and ultimately ending with the capture of the city by the Russian military. Intense fighting and carpet bombing carried out by the Russian Air Force destroyed much of the city. Thousands of combatants on both sides died in the fighting, alongside civilians, many of which were reportedly ethnic Russians; unclaimed bodies were later collected and buried in mass graves on the city outskirts..Today, the Chechen State Pedagogical Institute is the leading school in the sphere of higher vocational training in Chechnya. The campus is located at 33 Kiev Street, Grozny, Chechen Republic.. Special attention is given to personnel maintenance of educational process and improvements of the material base. The Chechen State Pedagogical Institute offers 2 modes of study: on-campus and correspondences..There are currently 2,984 students enrolled on campus and 2,583 of them are trained by correspondence.."..Grozny is twinned with..Kraków, Poland-Ardahan, Turkey-Toulouse, France..Pedagogy is the science and art of education..The word comes from the Greek παιδαγωγέω (paidagōgeō); in which παῖς (país, genitive παιδός, paidos) Means "child" and άγω (ágō) Means "lead";literally translated "to lead the child..

Uspensky District (Russian: Успе́нский райо́н) is an administrative district (raion), one of the 38 in Krasnodar Krai, RussiaUspenski Cathedral (Finnish: Uspenskin katedraali, Swedish: Uspenskij-katedralen, Russian: Успенский собор, Uspenskij sobor) is an Eastern Orthodox cathedral in Helsinki, Finland, dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos (the Virgin Mary).. Its name comes from the Old Church Slavonic word uspenie, which denotes the Dormition. Designed by the Russian architect Aleksey Gornostayev (1808–1862). The cathedral was built after his death in 1862–1868..The cathedral has several valuable icons, among others St. Nicolas – The Wonder Maker, which was stolen on 16 August 2007 between midday and 1 p.m. in broad daylight while hundreds of tourists were visitingthe cathedral..Maxim is an international men's magazine based in New York, and prominent for its photography of actresses, singers, and female models whose careers are at its current peak. It is the largest young men's lifestyle brand in America, reaching nearly 9 million readers each month. Maxim Digital reaches more than 4 million unique viewers each month. Maxim magazine publishes 16 editions, sold in 75 countries worldwide..The Circus was Rome's largest venue for ludi, public games connected to Roman religious festivals. Ludi were sponsored by leading Romans or the Roman state for the benefit of the Roman people (populus Romanus) and gods. Most were held annually or at annual intervals on the Roman calendar. Others might be given to fulfill a religious vow, such as the games in celebration of a triumph.The Aral smallpox incident was a 1971 outbreak of the viral disease which occurred as a result of a field test at a Soviet biological weapons (BW) facility on an island in the Aral Sea.. The incident sickened 10 people, of whom 3 died, and came to widespread public notice only in 2002.. The earliest known triumphal ludi at the Circus were vowed by Tarquin the Proud to Jupiter in the late Regal era for his Victory over Pometia... can tell you the license plate numbers of all 6 cars outside.. I can tell you that our waitress is left-handed and the guy sitting up at the counter weighs 215 pounds and knows how to handle himself.. I know the best place to look for a G is the cab of the gray truck outside..Why Would I Know That Aral...

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