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Arrow Market Square Heroes

Isis the debut single of neo-progressive rock band Marillion, released in 1982 with "3 Boats Down from the Candy" as the B-side. The 12" single included an additional track, the 17:15 minute long "Grendel", making it an EP in terms of overall length..Recorded Marquee Studios, London, December 1982 – February 1983...Released March 1983..September 1997 (2-disc edition).."Assassing" is the 2nd single from Fugazi from 1984.. The single reached no. 22 on the UK singles charts in May ..UK ELP Chart 5..Shock and Awe Bombing of BAGhdad..

February 6 – Klaus Barbie is officially charged with war crimes-10 February - The dismembered remains of at least 15 young men are found at a house in Muswell Hill, North London, victims of Dennis Nilsen.Convicted of 6 counts of murder and 2 of attempted murder at the Old Bailey, Nilsen was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a recommendation that he serve a minimum of 25 years' imprisonment, on 4 November 1983. He is currently incarcerated at the HMP Full Sutton maximum security prison in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England..Owing to the similarities between the modus operandi of the murders, Nilsen has been described as the "British Jeffrey Dahmer"..he was born on 24 November 1945 in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, the 2nd of 3 children born to Elizabeth Duthie Whyte, and Olav Magnus Moksheim (who had adopted the surname Nilsen).. Nilsen was of Scottish and Norwegian heritage: his father was a Nowegian soldier who had travelled to Scotland in 1940 as part of the Free Norwegian Forces, following the Nazi occupation of Norway. After a brief courtship, he had married Elizabeth Whyte in May, 1942 and the newlyweds moved into her parents' house..Nilsen was a quiet, yet adventurous child. His earliest childhood memories were of family picnics in the Scottish countryside with his mother and siblings, of his grandparents' pious lifestyle, and of being taken on long countryside walks as he sat on the shoulders of his grandfather..By 1951, Nilsen's grandfather's health was in decline, although he continued to work as a fisherman. On 31 October 1951, while fishing in the North Sea, Andrew Whyte died of a heart attack.. His body was brought ashore, subjected to an autopsy and returned to the Nilsen family home prior to burial..In the years following the death of his grandfather, Nilsen became more quiet and reserved; often standing alone at the harbour watching the same herring boats on which his father had fished sail by..On one of his solo excursions to the beach at Inverallochy in 1954 or 1955, Nilsen became submerged beneath the water and was almost dragged out to sea..Shortly after this near-fatal incident, Nilsen's mother moved out of her mother's home and into a flat with her 3 children.. She would later remarry a builder named Andrew Scott, to whom she bore 4 further children in as many years..At the onset of puberty, Nilsen discovered he was homosexual, which initially both confused and ashamed him. He did not divulge his sexuality to either his family or his few friends, but kept his sexuality a secret. Because many of the boys to whom he was attracted bore similar facial features to his younger sister, Sylvia..As Nilsen progressed into adolescence, he found life in Strichen increasingly stifling, with limited entertainment amenities or career opportunities. Although he respected his parents' efforts to provide and care for their children, he began to resent the fact his family was poorer than most of his peers, with his mother and stepfather making no effort to better their lifestyles; thus, Nilsen seldom invited his few friends to the family home.. At the age of 14, he joined the Army Cadet Force, and later recalled his viewing the British Army as a potential avenue for his escaping his rural origins..February 16 – The Ash Wednesday fires in Victoria and South Australia claim the lives of 75 people, in one of Australia's worst bushfire disasters...

While stationed at Aldershot, Nilsen's latent homosexual feelings began to stir, although he kept his sexual orientation well hidden from his colleagues. Nilsen never showered in the company of his fellow soldiers for fear of developing an erection in their presence; instead opting to bathe alone in the bathroom, which also afforded him the privacy to masturbate without discovery...In the summer of 1964, Nilsen passed his initial catering exam and was officially assigned to the 1st Battalion the Royal Fusiliers in Osnabrück, West Germany, where he served as a private. In this deployment, Nilsen began to increase his intake of alcohol—describing himself and his colleagues as a "hard-working, boozy lot", although his colleagues would recollect he often drank to excess in order to ease his shyness. One one occasion, Nilsen and a German youth drank themselves into a stupor. When Nilsen awoke, he found himself on the floor of the German youth's flat..Although no sexual activity had occurred, this incident fuelled Nilsen's fantasies: he began to develop sexual fantasies which initially involved his sexual partner—invariably a young, slender male—being completely passive.. These fantasies would gradually evolve into his partner being completely unconscious or dead..In 1967, Nilsen was deployed to Aden, South Yemen, where he again served as a cook at the Al Mansoura Prison..Nilsen was himself kidnapped by an Arab taxi driver, who bludgeoned him unconscious and placed him in the boot of his car. Upon his being dragged out of the boot of the taxi, Nilsen grabbed a jack-handle and knocked the taxi driver to the floor before repeatedly bludgeoning the man into unconsciousness. Nilsen then locked the man in the boot of his own taxi..Nilsen completed his deployment in Aden in January, 1968. He returned to England and was assigned to serve with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders at Seaton Barracks in Plymouth..Following a brief period of deployment with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders to Inverness, Nilsen was selected to cook for the Queen's Royal Guard before, in January 1971, he was assigned to serve as a cook for a different regiment and posted to the Shetland Islands. He served the remainder of his service with the British Army in the Shetland Islands before being completing his military service in October 1972, having accrued over 11 years of service and attained the rank of corporal..February 18 -The Venezuelan bolívar is devaluated and exchange controls are established in an event now referred to as Black Friday by many Venezuelans (the Bolívar had been the most stable and internationally accepted currency)-Nellie massacre: Over 2,000 people, mostly Bangladeshi Muslims, are massacred in Assam, India, during the Assam agitation...

In April 1973, Nilsen passed his training course and was posted to Willesden Green, London to serve as a police constable..As a junior constable, Nilsen did perform a number of arrests in his service with the Metropolitan Police, although he never had to use his truncheon to subdue any member of the public. Nilsen did initially take pride in his work, but was also disheartened to note the degree of comradeship he had earlier experienced in the army was lacking between him and his colleagues in the Metropolitan Police.. He began to drink alone in the evenings; becoming familiar with homosexual pubs and engaging in several casual liaisons with men throughout the summer and autumn of 1973..Between December, 1973 and May, 1974, Nilsen worked as a security guard. The work was intermittent, and he resolved to find more stable, secure employment. He found work as a civil servant in May, 1974.. In June 1982, Nilsen would be officially promoted to the position of executive officer, with additional supervisory responsibilities and transferred to another Jobcentre in Kentish Town. He was to remain employed as an executive officer until the day of his arrest..Between 1978 and 1983, Nilsen is known to have killed a minimum of 12 men and boys, and to have attempted to kill seven others. (He would initially confess in 1983 to having killed 15 victims.) The majority of Nilsen's victims were homeless or homosexual men, although others were heterosexual individuals whom he would typically meet in bars, on public transport, or—on one occasion—outside his own home.. All of Nilsen's murders were committed inside the North London addresses where he alternately resided in the years he is known to have killed; his victims would be lured to these addresses through guile—typically the offer of alcohol and/or shelter..Inside Nilsen's home, the victims were usually given food and alcohol, then strangled—usually with a ligature—either to death or until they had become unconscious. If the victim had been strangled into unconsciousness, Nilsen would then drown the victim in his bathtub, his sink, or a bucket of water, before observing a ritual in which he would bathe, clothe and retain the victims' bodies inside his residences for several weeks or, occasionally, months before he would dismember the corpse.. Each victim killed between 1978 and 1981 at his Cricklewood residence would be disposed of via burning upon a bonfire; the victims killed in 1982 and 1983 at his Muswell Hill residence would be retained at his flat, with their flesh and smaller bones flushed down the lavatory..February 24 -A special commission of the Congress of the United States releases a report critical of the practice of Japanese internment during World War II-Bermondsey by-election, 1983 (U.K.): Simon Hughes's defeat of Peter Tatchell is criticised for alleged homophobia-28 – The final episode of M*A*S*H is aired and the record of most watched episode is broken...

The final victim to be murdered at Melrose Avenue was a 23-year-old named Malcolm Barlow, whom Nilsen discovered slumped against a wall outside his home on 17 September 1981. When Nilsen enquired as to Barlow's welfare, he was informed the medication Barlow was prescribed for his epilepsy had caused his legs to weaken. Nilsen informed Barlow he should be in hospital and, supporting him, walked the youth into his residence before phoning an ambulance. The following day, Barlow was released from hospital and returned to Nilsen's home, apparently to thank him. He was invited into Nilsen's residence and, after eating a meal, began drinking rum and coke before falling asleep on Nilsen's sofa. Nilsen manually strangled Barlow as he slept, before stowing his body beneath his kitchen sink the following morning.. He moved into an attic flat at 23 Cranley Gardens in the Muswell Hill district of north London on 5 October 1981..The day before he vacated the property, Nilsen burned the dissected bodies of the last five victims he had killed at this address upon a 3rd and final bonfire he constructed in the garden behind his flat. Again, Nilsen ensured the bonfire was crowned with an old car tyre to disguise the smell of burning flesh. (Nilsen had already dissected the bodies of 4 of these victims in January and August,and only needed to complete the dissection of Barlow for this 3rd bonfire.)..At Cranley Gardens, Nilsen had no access to a garden, and as he resided in an attic flat, he was unable to stow any bodies beneath his floorboards. For almost 2 months, any acquaintances Nilsen encountered and lured to his flat were not assaulted in any manner, although he did attempt to strangle a 19-year-old student named Paul Nobbs on 23 November 1981.. In March 1982, Nilsen encountered a 23-year-old named John Howlett as he (Nilsen) drank in a pub located close to Leicester Square...Following his usual ritual of bathing the body, Nilsen lay Sinclair's body upon his bed, applied talcum powder to the body, then arranged three mirrors around the bed before himself lying naked alongside the dead youth. Several hours later, he turned Stephen's head towards him, before kissing the youth's body on the forehead and saying, "Goodnight, Stephen". Nilsen then fell asleep alongside the body..Nilsen's murders were first discovered by a Dyno-Rod employee named Michael Cattran, who responded to the complaints made by both Dennis Nilsen and other tenants of 23 Cranley Gardens regarding the drains of the property being blocked on 8 February 1983.. Opening a drain cover at the side of the house, Cattran discovered the drain was packed with a flesh-like substance and numerous small bones.. Cattran reported his suspicions to his supervisor, Gary Wheeler..As he was escorted to the police station by Detective Chief Inspector Jay and his colleagues, Nilsen was asked whether the remains in his flat belonged to one person or 2... Staring out of the window of the police car, he replied, "15 or 16, since 1978"..When questioned as to why the heads found at Cranley Gardens had been subjected to moist heat, Nilsen confirmed he had frequently boiled the heads of his victims in a large cooking pot on his stove in order that the internal contents would evaporate, thus removing the need to dispose of the brain and flesh..When questioned as to whether he had any remorse for his crimes, Nilsen replied: "I wished I could stop, but I couldn't.. I had no other
thrill or happiness"...

SPQx is sometimes used as an assertion of municipal pride and civic rights. Reggio Emilia, for instance, has SPQR in its coat of arms, standing for "Senatus Populusque Regiensis"..THE other magical requisites are: a sceptre, a sword, a mitre, a cap, a long white robe of linen, and other garments for the purpose;also a girdle of lion's skin 3 inches broad, with all the names written about it which he round the outmost part of the Magical Circle.. There have been confirmed usages and reports of the employment of the "SPQx" template in..Dublin, Ireland, SPQH on the City Hall, Dublin built in 1769-Bruges, Belgium, SPQB on its coat of arms-Hamburg, Germany, SPQH on a door in the Hamburg Rathaus-Hannover, Germany-aarlem, the Netherlands, SPQH on the face of the town hall at the "Grote Markt"-Liverpool, England, SPQL on various gold doors in St George's Hall-City of London, England, SPQL-Lucerne, Switzerland Milan, Italy, The Holy Roman Emperor Charles V struck coins at Milan with the inscription S P Q MEDIOL OPTIMO PRINCIPI-The 69th Spirit is Decarabia. He appeareth in the Form of a Star in a Pentacle, at first; but after, at the command of the Exorcist, he putteth on the image of a Man.. His Office is to discover the Virtues of Birds and Precious Stones, and to make the Similitude of all kinds of Birds to fly before the Exorcist, singing and drinking as natural Birds do.. He governeth 30 Legions of Spirits, being himself a Great Marquis..Solothurn, Switzerland, on the Cathedral of St Ursus and Victor-Valencia, Spain, SPQV in several places and buildings, including the Silk Exchange and the University of Valencia Historic Building-Verviers, Belgium, SPQV on the Grand Theatre... Cruise missiles do not frighten anyone.. We are catching them like fish in a river.. I mean here that over the past 2 days, we managed to shoot down 196 missiles before they hit their target..It has been rumored that we have fired scud missiles Into Q-wait..Yesterday, we slaughtered them and we will continue to slaughter them.. I am here now to tell you, we do not have any scud missiles and I don't know why they were fired into Kuwait...

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