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I Am Your PussY...

The Barrison Sisters were a risqué Vaudeville act which performed in the United States and EUrope from about 1891 to 1900; they were advertised as The Wickedest Girls In the World..Lona (Abelone Maria), Sophia, Inger, Olga and Gertrude Barrison were actual sisters (many "sister" vaudeville acts were not) of Danish-German descent. Along with their mother, the five sisters immigrated to America from Denmark in 1886, joining their father, who had taken the journey earlier.The 5 blond and curly-haired siblings were said to sing in high squeaky voices and dance with middling ability. They achieved notoriety, however, by ingenious use of double entendres on stage..In their most famous act, the sisters would dance, raising their skirts slightly above their knees, and ask the audience, "Would you like to see my pussy?" When they had coaxed the audience into an enthusiastic response, they would raise up their skirts, revealing that each sister was wearing underwear of their own manufacture that had a live kitten secured over the crotch..After their success in Europe in the mid-1890s, scores of troupes purporting to be "sisters" followed in their footsteps, among them the British Machinson Sisters. The Barrison Sisters broke up around the turn of the 20th century, but both Gertrude and Lona went on to have successful solo careers on the stage. Gertrude, the youngest and perhaps most talented of them all, became a groundbreaking modern dancer in Vienna. She was the last to die —in 1946 in Copenhagen..The Barrison Sisters came to renewed public attention in the first decade of the 21st-century when they were featured on the label of Five Wives Vodka..In the British comedy Are You Being Served? the character Mrs. Slocombe is often heard to be concerned with the welfare of her pussy..Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist punk-rock collective that stages illegal events in Moscow protesting the Putin regime and the status of women in Russian society. Band member "Kot" says she knows how the word is used in English, and it is also used in Russian as term of endearment for little girls.. These various meanings create a tension with the word "riot", Witch the group likes...

A kitten or kitty is a juvenile domesticated cat.. A feline litter usually consists of two to 5 kittens.. To survive, kittens need the care of their mother for the first several weeks of their life.. Kittens are highly social animals and spend most of their waking hours playing and interacting with available companions..Nick Rockefeller one night tells Aaron Russo Woman’s lib was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, why you might ask? To tax women. 50% of the population was untaxed,they weren’t working.. They were at home looking after their children..Woman’s lib enabled women to be able to work and be taxed. It also meant that their children were put into school as opposed to being home schooled. Putting the kids in school gave the children a chance to learn of authority.. Become more accustomed to authority..The feminist movement (also known as the women's movement, women's liberation, or feminism) refers to a series of campaigns for reforms on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, women's suffrage, sexual harassment, and sexual violence, all of which fall under the label of feminism..The movement's priorities vary among nations and communities and range from opposition to female genital mutilation in one country to opposition to the glass ceiling in another..Kittens require a high-calorie diet that contains more protein than the diet of adult cats.. Young orphaned kittens require cat milk every two to 4 hours, and they need physical stimulation to defecate and urinate.. Cat milk replacement is manufactured to feed to young kittens, because cow's milk does not provide all of their necessary nutrients..Hand-reared kittens tend to be very affectionate with humans as adults and sometimes more dependent on them than kittens reared by their mothers, but they can also show .volatile mood swings and AggressIon... your journey on your contraption.. What would you become? A Greek, a Roman, one of the pharaohs?..What have you done?. Thousands of years of building and rebuilding, creating and recreating so you can let it crumble to dust.. A million years of sensitive men dying for their dreams..The important thing you should know, is that I am the last who remembers how each of us, man and woman made his own decision..The atmosphere has become so polluted with deadly germs, that it can no longer be breathed. There is no place on this planet that is immune..The last surviving factory for the manufacturing of oxygen...

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