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The Virgin of Montserrat (Catalan: Mare de Déu de Montserrat or Moreneta) is a statue of the Virgin Mary and infant Christ venerated at the Santa Maria de Montserrat monastery in the Montserrat mountain in Catalonia. It is one of the black Madonnas of Europe, hence its familiar Catalan name, la Moreneta ("The little dark-skinned one"). Believed by some to have been carved in Jerusalem in the early days of the Church, it is more likely a Romanesque sculpture in wood from the late 12th century..The mountain of Montserrat has been of religious significance since pre-Christian times, when the Romans built a temple to honor Venus..Upon his recovery from battle wounds, Ignatius of Loyola visited the Benedictine monastery of Montserrat (March 25, 1522), where he laid down his military accouterments before the image..Then he led a period of asceticism before later founding the Society of Jesus..On September 11, 1881, Pope Leo XIII declared the virgin of Montserrat patroness of Catalonia (Saint George is another patron saint.)..The hymn to the Virgin of Montserrat, known as "Virolai" and sung every day by the Escolania de Montserrat, begins with the words: "Rosa d’abril, Morena de la serra..." (April rose, dark-skinned lady of the mountain...). Therefore this virgin is sometimes also known as the “Rosa d’abril”..The statue has always been considered one of the most celebrated images in Spain..The Black Madonna of Częstochowa (Polish: Czarna Madonna or Matka Boska Częstochowska, Latin: Imago thaumaturga Beatae Virginis Mariae Immaculatae Conceptae, in Claro Monte), also known as Our Lady of Częstochowa, is a revered icon of the Virgin Mary housed at the Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa, Poland..The painting displays a traditional composition well known in the icons of Eastern Christians. The Virgin Mary is shown as the "Hodegetria" ("One Who Shows the Way"). In it the Virgin directs attention away from herself, gesturing with her right hand toward Jesus as the source of salvation. In turn, the child extends his right hand toward the viewer in blessing while holding a book of gospels in his left hand.. The icon shows the Madonna in fleur de lys robes..The Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady Aparecida is a prominent Roman Rite Catholic basilica located in Aparecida, Brazil.. It is dedicated to Our Lady Aparecida, (a variant of the Immaculate Conception) as the principal Patroness of Brazil. Its official title in Portuguese is Nossa Senhora da Conceição Aparecida, roughly translated as Our Lady of Conception Who Appeared..While in common usage the terms "nun" and "sister" are often used interchangeably (the same title of "Sister" for an individual member of both forms), they are considered different ways of life, with a "nun" being a religious woman who lives a contemplative and cloistered life of meditation and prayer for the salvation of others, while a "religious sister", in religious institutes like Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity, lives an active vocation of both prayer and service, often to the needy, ill, poor, and uneducated...Francis of Assisi was one of seven children born to Pietro and his wife Pica de Bourlemont, about whom little is known except that she was a noblewoman originally from Provence...

Alabama is found in the motel room and brutally interrogated by Coccotti's underboss, Virgil. In the subsequent fight, Alabama kills Virgil.. She and Clarence talk of moving to Cancún with the money from the drug deal.Clarence makes a good impression on Donowitz, then excuses himself to the bathroom, where he has another conversation with Elvis.. Meanwhile, Donowitz and his bodyguards are ambushed by both the cops and mobsters who break in at almost the same time. Realizing that Elliot is an informant, Donowitz throws a pot of coffee on him..Coccotti's crew learn where the deal is going down from Ritchie's roommate, Floyd.. By visualizing or reciting this seed-letter BAM with strong faith and concentration we invoke the great power of this holy being and receive her blessings..A Black Madonna or Black Virgin is a statue or painting of Mary in which she is depicted with dark skin, especially those created in Europe in the medieval period or earlier. The Black Madonnas are generally found in Catholic countries... me "What do you want from me Catherine?"..And don't you think I understand what you're doing? You're trying to move him into the country..and you're keeping him away from me.. And you're playing happy family.. Aren't you?..I have a degree in psychology, it goes with the turf..Games are fun...

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