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In a remote desert location in Morocco, Abdullah, a goatherder, buys a high-powered .270 Winchester M70 rifle and a box of ammunition from his neighbor Hassan Ibrahim to shoot the jackals that have been preying on his goats. Abdullah gives the rifle to his 2 young sons, Yussef and Ahmed , and sends them out to tend the herd..There is a degree of competitiveness between the 2 .. The older is critical of the younger for spying on his sister while she changes her clothes (she is aware of his peeping).. Competing between themselves and doubtful of the rifle's purported 3-Kilometer range, they decide to test it out, aiming first at rocks, a moving car on a highway below, and then at a bus carrying Western tourists on the same highway traveling in the opposite direction to the car...Glimpses of television news programs reveal that the US government holds the shooting to be a terrorist act and is pressuring the Moroccan government to apprehend the culprits.. Having traced the rifle back to Hassan, the Moroccan police descend quickly on his house and roughly question him and his wife until they reveal that the rifle was given to him by a Japanese Man, and then sold to Abdullah..

Simultaneously, Chieko Wataya, a rebellious, deaf Japanese teenage girl, traumatized by the recent suicide of her mother.. isis bitter towards her father, Yasujiro Wataya and boys her age, and is sexually frustrated.. She starts exhibiting sexually provocative behavior, partly in response to dismissive comments from a member of her volleyball team.. While out with friends, Chieko finds a teenage boy attractive, and following an unsuccessful attempt at socialising, takes off her panties and exposes herself in an act combining flirtation and contempt..Yasujiro is an avid hunter and during a trip in Morocco he gave his rifle, as a gift, to his very skilled hunting guide, Hassan, who at the beginning sold the rifle to Abdullah...A 3rd subplot takes place in the US and Mexico where Richard and Susan's Mexican nanny, Amelia , tends to Debbie and Mike, their twin adolescent children, in their San Diego, California home while they are in Morocco. When Richard and Susan are detained because of Susan's injury, Amelia is forced to take care of the children longer than planned and becomes worried that she will miss her son's wedding.. About to depart, Mamiya offers condolences for the wife's suicide. Yasujiro, though, is confused by the mention of a balcony and angrily replies that "My wife shot herself in the head.. Chieko was the first to find the body.. I've explained this to the police many times." Chieko is leaning on the balcony When her Father enters the apartment, and the 2 EMbrace.. After leaving, the
detective stops at a bar to read Chieko's note...

Available historical resources suggest that Babylon was at first a small town which had sprung up by the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC (c. 2000 BC). The town attained independence as a small city state with the rise of the First Amorite Babylonian Dynasty in 1894 BC. Claiming to be the successor of the more ancient Sumero-Akkadian city of Eridu, Babylon, hitherto a minor city, eclipsed Nippur as the "holy city" of Mesopotamia around the time an Amorite king named Hammurabi first created the short lived Babylonian Empire in the 18th century BC. It was from this time that South Mesopotamia came to be known as Babylonia, and the city of Babylon itself grew in size and grandeur..The Greek form Babylon (Βαβυλών) is an adaptation of Akkadian Babili.. The Babylonian name as it stood in the 1st millennium BC had been changed from an earlier Babilli in early 2nd millennium BC, meaning "Gate of God" or "Gateway of the God" (bāb-ili) by popular etymology.. The earlier name Babilla appears to be an adaptation of a non-Semitic source of unknown origin or meaning..In the Hebrew Bible, the name appears as בָּבֶל (Babel; Tiberian בָּבֶל Bāvel; Syriac ܒܒܠ Bāwēl), interpreted in the Book of Genesis (11:9) to mean "confusion" (viz. of languages), from the verb בלבל bilbĂ©l, "to confuse"..In Geneisis 10:10, Babel (Babylon) is described as a neighboring city of Uruk, Akkad and Kalneh, in Shinar...Babylon appears throughout the Hebrew Bible, including descriptions of the Babylonian Captivity, and also features prominently in several prophecies..Babel is a village in Carmarthenshire, Wales..Babel is an Iraqi newspaper which was under the direction of Uday Hussein, the son of Saddam Hussein..The paper was banned by then Iraqi government for 1 month in November 2002 for unexplained causes.. It was published both in Arabic and English..Mount Babel is the central peak of the Manicouagan crater and was formed by the rebound of the crust after the impact of a meteor 210 million years ago..5808 Babel' (1987 QV10) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on August 27, 1987.. The New Testament Book of Revelation refers to Babylon many centuries after it ceased to be a major political center and some scholars believe it to be the use of Apocalyptic literature to refer to the Roman Empire.. Remember, use subtlety and discretion wherever possible!.Tracy - you put a whole can of lacquer on that - it'd take a monsoon to shift that lot..Hey - who the fook are you giving your dirty looks to..Having just stolen a man's wallet who paid her to dance with him..As I was personally indisposed at the hospital..the safety of the PrinCess was in fact in the hands of my 2 cabinet women..When he talks of Pixies he is clearly using the term MetaPhorically...

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