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Lightbulb From Anna With Luv

Anna Loginova (Russian: Анна Логинова, 3 September 1978 – 27 January 2008) was a Russian fashion model and later a trained bodyguard. She ran an agency, staffed with female bodyguards, some trained by the ex-KGB, to give discreet protection to Moscow's billionaires and their wives and mistresses. She was killed in a carjacking incident in Moscow. Loginova was described as Russia's most famous female bodyguard..Loginova was previously a model, working in advertising campaigns for Chanel and BMW.. She also appeared almost naked in the December issue of the Russian version of Maxim..She learned martial arts techniques and started a security firm, Stilet (literally dagger), specializing in female bodyguards in 2005.. The use of female bodyguards includes escorting the protected person to a restaurant where male bodyguards would be more noticeable and are generally required to wait outside..According to the Daily Mail and other sources, she died from head injuries sustained while clinging to the door handle of her Porsche Cayenne while being dragged along the street at high speed as a carjacker drove the car away. She reportedly was pushed out of the vehicle and, for a moment, held on to the door handle before receiving her fatal head injuries.. Police reported she died at the scene. She was 29 years old..The stolen vehicle was later abandoned in southwest Moscow. The carjacker has not been found.. She left one child behind.Loginova had previously been successful in thwarting attempts to steal her car by using martial arts against a car thief. She was buried in the Ulybyshevo cemetery in Vladimir...

January 22 – Russia stages the largest naval exercise since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 in the Bay of Biscay. The Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, along with 11 support vessels and 47 long-range bomber aircraft, practises strike tactics off the coast of France and Spain, and test-launches nuclear-capable missiles in foreign waters/23-Polish Air Force EADS CASA C-295 crashes on approach to the 12th Air Base near Mirosławiec; all 20 personnel on board die\Thousands of Palestinians cross into Egypt, as the border wall with Gaza in Rafah is blown up by militants\24 – Peter Hain resigned as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions over irregular donations – A peace deal ends the Kivu war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo/25 – China's worst snowstorm since 1954 kills 133, delays traffic, and causes massive power outages in central and southern parts of the country\29 – Iran's judiciary sentences to prison 54 Bahá'í Faith followers for "anti-regime propaganda"/31 - Conservative Party MP Derek Conway was suspended from the House of Commons for 10 days over payments made to his son from his parliamentary allowances - 18 February 2007 -6 February 2008 Fire Pig 4 men were jailed for 15 years each for their part in the 2006 Securitas raid, the UK's biggest cash robbery...

Vladimir Владимир a city and the administrative center of Vladimir Oblast, Russia, located on the Klyazma River, 200 kilometers (120 mi) to the east of Moscow.. It is served by a railway and the M7 motorway.. The area occupied by the city of Vladimir has been inhabited by humans (at least intermittently) for approximately 25,000 years. They developed successive cultures, which have been revealed by archeological, linguistic, and DNA evidence.The Porsche Cayenne is a mid-size luxury crossover manufactured by the German manufacturer Porsche since 2002, with North American sales beginning in 2003. Its platform was developed by Porsche and is shared with the Volkswagen Touareg. It is the first V8-engined vehicle built by Porsche since 1995, when the Porsche 928 was discontinued. Since 2008, all engines have featured direct injection technology..A new Turbo was revealed at the 2008 Beijing auto show. It received 50 PS (37 kW) more power, and now accelerated from 0–60 mph (96 km/h) in 4.9 seconds..The TransSyberia Rally is a rally raid race held in Siberia. The rally is open only to 4WD automobiles and trucks. Technical modifications are allowed, but vehicles must be street legal. Most modifications are to improve safety, reliability and ease of maintenance..The 2007 TransSyberia Rally ran from Moscow, Russia to the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar..The 6,600 kilometer route crossed the Ural Mountains, subarctic forests, and the Altai Mountains. The route continued across the Mongolian plains and through the Gobi Pink Desert..Local transport includes buses, trolleybuses,fixed-route minivans, and taxis... right. We're gonna do this the scanner way..You're gonna be with me Cameron, no matter what.. After all, brothers should be close, don't you think..I thought you were good Cam... but you're not good.. You're just another lyein ol' dirty birdy..There's a whole generation of scanners soldiers just a few months away from being born..You're not listening to me.. Not co-operating, Cam.. You're not co-operating with me at all.. I've been counting on you for years Cam...

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