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"Police Truck" is a song by the Dead Kennedys.. The song was originally released in May, 1980, as the B-side of the "Holiday in Cambodia" single and later released in June 1987 on the DKs' compilation album, Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death. The song is a satirical attack on the actions of two police officers, and takes a first person view from the authorities themselves.. The song was inspired by an incident that occurred in Los Angeles in the early 1980s in which two police officers performed illegal activities such as drinking on the job, beating up drunks, and raping prostitutes. It also functions more generally as an attack on police corruption and brutality and the police's support for a capitalist system..A woman who lived in a town where aluminium sulphate was added to the water supply had aluminium levels in her brain which were "beyond belief", an inquest into her death has heard..A cancer-causing chemical from bracken could be leaching into water supplies, scientists warned this week..A British Ecological Society meeting in Lancaster was told that high levels of ptaquiloside (PTQ) had been found in wells on Danish and Swedish farms..And Venezuelan scientists said they had noticed a clear link between high levels of stomach cancer and bracken-covered countryside in their country..A spokeswoman from Dwr Cymru Welsh Water said the company applied a considerable number of rigorous tests to drinking water to ensure that all the water it supplied complies with the exacting standards required by the Drinking Water Inspectorate..Slug poison found in 1 in 8 of England's drinking water sources, according to the Environment Agency's (EA) most recent survey, prompting environmentalists to call for greater use of natural predators instead of chemicals...

The Essenes (in Modern Hebrew: אִסִּיִים, Isiyim; Greek: Εσσήνοι, Εσσαίοι, or Οσσαίοι, Essḗnoi, Essaíoi, Ossaíoi) were a sect of 2nd Temple Judaism that flourished from the 2nd century BCE to the 1st century CE which some scholars claim seceded from the Zadokite priests..Zadok (Hebrew: Tzadok צדוק, meaning "Righteous") was a priest descended from Eleazar the son of Aaron.. He aided King David during the revolt of his son Absalom, and was consequently instrumental in bringing King Solomon to the throne.. After Solomon's building of The First Temple in Jerusalem, Zadok was the first High Priest to serve there..The Dead Sea Scrolls portray a central role for 'the sons of Zadok the Priests' within the community; the 'Teacher of Righteousness' (Moreh Zedek) named as founder may point to a Zadokite.[citation needed] while the phrase "To be as one in following the Law and (sharing) wealth and reconcilling (based on) the mouth of the sons of Tzadok the keepers of the covenant" from the Community Rule document suggest that the leaders of the community were sons of ZadoK.. years..I've been here for just over 4 years.. Who knows? He's always been a wild child. He's got more balls then brains. Did you know that he was in here for a year-and-a-half before he told his parents what happened to him..The alleged victims were 4 Vietnamese 00 agents.. We spent months uncovering and accumulating evidence. When absolute proof was completed, we acted, we acted like soldiers.. The charges are ancient and justified..They are in fact, under the circumstances of this conflict, quite completely insane.. In a war, there are many moments for compassion and tender action.. There are many moments for ruthless action, for what is often called ruthless, what may in many circumstances be only clarity; seeing clearly what there is to be done and doing it directly, quickly, aware … looking at it. I would trust you to tell your mother what you choose about this letter...

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