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Margery Booth born in Wigan in 1905, died 1952 was a World War II spy who met Adolf Hitler and sang at a British prisoner of war camp..Margery began her career in Covent Garden London in 1936, but marriage took her to Germany, and fame with the Berlin State Opera before the outbreak of World War II. The Germans mistakenly trusted her and sent her to Freigegeben Stalag IIID, a camp for potential recruits to the British Free Corps where she worked with British agent and prisoner John Brown to obtain details of traitors.On one occasion she sang before Hitler just after a British officer had hidden secret documents in her dress.. Hitler sent her red roses wrapped in a swastika. After the war, information she provided was used to convict both Lord Haw Haw and John Amery, both of whom were hanged for treason..Margery was born in Hodges Street,Wigan, Lancs, in 1905, daughter of Levi and Ada Booth... The family moved to Southport later, but she kept her links to Wigan, making her professional debut there at the Queen's Hall, on October 4, 1935. She trained in Bolton with R. Evans, Knightsbride with Eileen D'Orme and then the Guildhall School of Music, winning the Merscer'Scholarship in 1925, then the Opera Scholorship and Liza Lehmann Prize.Marriage to Dr. Egon Strohm, from a brewing family in the Black Forest region,Margery's career in Germany blossomed in Germany at Bayreuth and Berlin...

The Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal company proposed another link from Bury to Accrington. This new link would have been known as the Haslingden Canal. The Peel family asked the canal company not to construct the crossing over the River Hyndburn above their textile printworks; such a crossing would have required the construction of embankments, and reduced the water supply to their factories.. Consequently Accrington was bypassed and the Haslingden Canal was never built...The latest plan for the route had it running parallel to, and then crossing the isolated southern end of the Lancaster Canal, but common sense prevailed and the Leeds and Liverpool connected with the Lancaster Canal between Wigan and Johnson's Hillock. The main line of the canal was thus completed in 1816..There had been various unsuccessful negotiations to connect the canal to the Bridgewater Canal at Leigh but agreement was finally reached in 1818 and the connection was opened in 1820, thus giving access to Manchester and the rest of the canal network. The Bridgewater Canal, like most of Brindley's designs was for narrow boats of 72 feet (22 m) length, whereas the Leeds and Liverpool had been designed for broad boats of 62 feet (19 m) length. There was naturally a desire by the narrow boats to reach Liverpool and the locks of the westerly end of the canal wereExtended to 72 feet (22 m) in 1822.. in those days everything was simpler and more confused One summer night, going to the Pier I Ran into 2 young girls.. The blonde one was called Freedom ..The dark one, Enterprise We talked and they told me this story ..Now listen to this... I'll tell you about Texas radio and the big beat Soft driven, slow and mad Like some new language Reaching your head with the cold, sudden fury of a divine Messenger..Let me tell you about heartache and the Loss of G...

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