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USAF\OO2834..4..I 3O-unt At Least 10 USAF 2Aces O-n the G rO-und...

...X/PlO-sive LazerUS BEEams...13unitions being lO-aded into a 3ontainer at 23EL fO-rd in 2012...

The Freemasons controlled the council planning committee and the council itself. Decisions would be made in the lodge during the day by Freemasons from 'opposing' parties and they would play out a farce of a public 'debate' at the council meeting in the evening before voting for what had been agreed at the lodge..David Icke...The Biggest Secret... can't prevent evil by doing evil!,”We wade in death, blood and amputees. Many children. Pregnant woman. I have never experienced anything this horrible. Now we hear tanks. Tell it, pass it on, shout it. Anything. DO SOMETHING! DO MORE! We’re living in the history books now, all of us!”..

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